Chloe the Magnificent!

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    hoochie coochie man

    I recently partied with Chloe. I submitted a long and detailed review, but it has not published yet. Maybe it was too long and too detailed! Anyway, so here goes with a condensed version.

    I purposely did not make an appointment in advance, because the week I went there were just so many HOT HOT ladies that I could not make up my mind. I decided just to go to the bar, talk to several of them, and go from there.

    Four or five beautiful ladies approached me and I visited with each of them for a few minutes and was having a hard time deciding. Until Chloe approached. OMG! She had me at hello.

    We negotiated a 2-hour PSE party in the new Playland, and Chloe did not disappoint. Oh no, not at all. Chloe is beautiful, sexy, smart, sweet, and oh so good at what she does.I mean WOW! Plus she has a wonderful eclectic taste in music.

    I would love love love to party with Chloe again. Guys, do not pass her up!

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