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    CiCi – World Class and Beautiful Soul

    CiCi started working about my fifth day into this trip, arriving with her usual sparkling green eyes and lovely smile. I remember first seeing her outside the day before but wasn’t sure if I could speak with her since she hadn’t been cleared yet. So , the next day when she came into the bar, I caught up with her and she mentioned having seen me out by the pool the day before as well and not being sure if she could talk to me before she cleared but would have enjoyed speaking with me if she could have.

    Fast forward to the next morning… turns out CiCi and I are both early risers and like to spend some time in the mornings outside in the courtyard so, as fate would have it, we ended up seeing each other outside again. I was already chest high in the outdoor heated Jacuzzi when she approached and sat on the concrete a few feet away from the pool. CiCi’s blonde hair was in curls. We started talking about normal things like how we were doing and how things were going. She then asked what I do in my professional career so I starting speaking about that in pretty decent depth and how that ties into my life. That proceeded into what my early life goals were and how life had gone so far, goals, successes, and tragedies. In one way or another kids came up and I spoke with her about my life goals in that respect and a little more about my past. As it always is, it was a very eye-opening discussion. It was getting to be about breakfast time so we parted ways, showered, and got ready for our separate breakfasts. I almost asked if she wanted to join me but, something told me she was having breakfast with some of the ladies.

    In the afternoon, CiCi and I met up in the bar again, her blonde curls fading very quickly which had been a recurring joke throughout the morning. It was at this point, she shared how musically oriented her family is, being able to play multiple musical instruments each in most cases. The bar was pretty dead that day so we continued to talk about different things. Here and there, were a couple of times when she needed to excuse herself perhaps to conduct a tour. After a bit, I made some rounds in the sports bar and returned to my room to rest.

    I would meet up with CiCi again the following night, the last night of my trip, in which a few of the ladies gathered briefly for my birthday, though it wouldn’t be for a few more days. It was then I was feeling the time was right for me to ask CiCi back to her room to talk about a party, something we had experienced on a part trip. In her room, we talked about what I’d like to have happen and pricing, came to an agreement, performed the DC, and went up to the office to book it.

    Retiring to her room for the party, we had a fantastic time. CiCi had me very relaxed and we enjoyed each other’s company. I’ve enjoyed my time CiCi and feel she is an excellence choice for some quality time.

    After sleeping well for about 3 hours, I found myself laying on the outdoor benches the next morning. A friend of mine that was passing by wondered if I ever made it back to my room the night before or if I had just crashed there after the party with CiCi.

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    Awesome write-up, Stripes!
    CiCi is one of the classiest people I have ever met, and I’m kicking my own rear for not having partied with her yet. (Operative word: YET).
    Glad you had an awesome time!!



    Too many ladies not enough time and endurance.

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