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    Hi all,
    I really like this website. It is very open, friendly, and informing. I have been thinking about coming to Sheri’s Ranch in mid December. There were a couple of girls that I was really interested in meeting, so I checked their schedules and sent them an email(s) during the times this month when they were scheduled to be at the ranch. I have not received any responses from either of the girls. I have waited over two weeks for one of the girls to respond and about a day for the other girl to respond. When I wrote them I was not inappropriate or rude. I told them about myself and explained that I would like to meet them.
    I am confused about whether the girls are getting my emails or are they just not interested. I don’t want to harass them by sending them 50 emails haha. I have emailed them no more than twice each.



    Sheri’s Courtesans may only access their email while physically at the Ranch. Also, they only have a few computer stations available to respond to these emails. There are up to 25 Ladies at the Ranch at any one time and the Ladies answer emails in their allotted time they aren’t entertaining clients. In addition, there is a new forum system that is being fine tuned and the email system is being upgraded too so it is occasionally down for maintenance. It has sometimes taken over two weeks for them to respond to my messages too. If you don’t receive a response to your requests in another few days I would email Ranchmama Dena at dduff@sherisranch.com and she’ll be able to assist you. Be assured the Ladies are not intentionally ignoring you!



    I have the same problem that sometimes ladies take a week to respond and during the upgrade some of my mail gets lost. It is hard but have patience especially if your party is not imminent.



    Hi Firefighter and Flint,

    Thanks very much for the clarifications. Also thanks Firefighter for giving me an email address if I don’t get the response. I am really excited about my first experience at Sheri’s ranch!


    Charina Lee

    Hi Vegaslover! I just arrived at the ranch on Monday and will be here for two weeks. I’m sure you will have a wonderful and memorable time!


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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