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    It was one of those days when all you wanted to do was blow off some steam. You know, those days where it felt like you were on the wrong end of the meat grinder. Since I was staying in the hotel anyways, before continuing on my journey to California, I decided a party might be better than just drinking and socializing in the bar. Strange how reality shifts when your mindset does.

    There was a lot of activity in the bar but mostly locals dining and a few tourists checking the place out. Seeing Ellie walk into view is quite an experience. There are plenty of reviews about her beauty and grace but the limitations of the language prevent anyone coming close to doing her justice, including me at this moment. Romanian women have always carried a sexy mystique about them and Ellie is a premium among them. We talked and laughed in the bar as easily as if we’d been old friends. Already, I started forgetting my stress and fatigue as my whole focus oriented on this charming beauty smiling at me. At my inquiry, she told me what her availability was and we set an appointment.

    I passed the time chatting in the bar and making a few passing friends. Then, as the time approached, I went back to my room to grab a shower and wash the road trip off before my appointment. Somehow, I walked into the parlor at the same time Ellie entered on her way to meeting me in the bar. She lit up as she grabbed me and told me to get in her room. It was cute and fun to play along. Negotiations were easy and quick which is always a blessing and we got the formalities out of the way.

    The party was an amazing experience. Her toned and curvaceous body is filled with vibrant energy that awakens your senses. Her skin is warm and flawless like living velvet pressed against you. As you pull her to you, her subtle sweet scent goes right to the back of your brain waking up every last neuron you’ve got left. She moves with passionate grace inspiring an ecstasy rare and beautiful. And though the limits had been reached and I needed to rest, it wasn’t sad that such a sweet experience was over. It only fueled the longing knowing that the countdown to the next one had finally begun. That is the experience of Ellie.



    Have to admit, I’ve looked at Ellie’s pictures. I’ve never met her in person, but sounds like one of those parties that you go home with grand memories of for years to come.



    I’ve been gazing at Elie’s pictures for a long time. No question; she’s a beauty. Having said that, after reading this fabulous review, I’m inclined to try a make sure my next trip coincides with one of hers!

    Great review, as always, Cronos!


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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