Cronos Chronicles: Jayla Diamond

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    These days, there are porn stars galore. So many stars and starlets that it’s almost impossible to keep track. Personally, I don’t chase them and only know the ones that have crossed my path. The few that I have met in person were all cool people and I enjoyed talking to all of them. When I was introduced to Jayla on her first day at Sheri’s, I admit I didn’t know much about her besides her tagline. Come to talk to her, I found her bright and down-to-earth; delightfully so in fact. And, it’s not a tagline. She IS absolutely dedicated to her fans and I have the utmost respect for her.

    As you know, I love a woman with a balance of high intelligence and high libido. She put me at ease immediately and it was nothing but a fun time. The attraction was immediate and compelling. As gentlemanly I try to be, the allure of this woman had my mind pulling her into a party non-stop. There was no way I could resist Jayla’s offer of a tour. The banter was playful and when it came time to negotiate, we breezed through it by being respectul and focusing on the experience. Quick DC and the party was booked. This was a mind-blowing experience. We both put out our best moves and had an amazing time together. I just sank into the sensation of every touch and caress. When we came up for air and we lay panting and smiling, we were already talking about partying again…..after rest and intake of fluids, lol.

    In fact, I partied again with her that same weekend and it only got better. And again, when I specifically came to see her on her second trip. Simply amazing each and every time. I am now a fan and I can’t wait to see her again.

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