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    To: A Gentleman

    I want to express my appreciation and sincere thanks for A Gentleman who defended the sweet and charming Chloe from an unwarranted bad review. It takes courage and conviction to protect the courtesans from people who gain satisfaction in attacking the innocent. Thanks for putting out the fire! I concur that Chloe is a sensual and loving young woman. Even a ” failed negotiation” is no excuse to engage in a personal attack.

    Best regards,



    Yes, I agree totally. I praise you for speaking out that Chloe is the innocent victim in this incident. I’m glad to see that there are chivalrous men like you who are ready to defend our vulnerable Courtesan friends. Chloe is a very nice Lady and a wonderful Courtesan. She is one of my favorite Ladies too. Lance had no justification to post a review for a failed negotiation. Reviews are supposed to be a synopsis of a party that actually transpired. Besides, sometimes clients will attempt to negotiate ridiculously low and insulting party prices. I believe the intent of a review is to praise a Courtesan concerning an actual intimate party for excellence in her profession and provide useful information for potential clients. I discussed this with Chloe by email and she didn’t even remember the perpetrator of the malicious review. That being the case it is probable that the incident was totally fabricated and manufactured to harass her and or Sheri’s Ranch. I believe these heinous attacks on Sheri’s Courtesans are orchestrated by mindless, mean spirited and oftentimes intoxicated individuals who are bent on destroying Sheri’s Courtesans’ careers. I’ve been a Sheri’s patron since 1996, relished over 75 parties, and I have never experienced anything less than exemplary treatment. In addition, Chloe has always been very congenial toward me.


    Charina Lee

    Chloe is so sexy and educated and cultured. She has a side to her that begs for others to explore her mind and not just her beautiful body! I’m so happy there are others willing to step up and speak out!


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