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    Hi. I’m new here, and a combination of really shy and really aggressive about my passions/fantasies. I guess being raised in the era of late night Cinemax and porn on video has me interested in some roles that aren’t typical fare (cheating wife with hubby’s co-worker, slutty secretary who seduces boss, etc.). I see the rooms you offer, but I am kind of picky about wanting to do this with a courtesan who is totally on the same wavelength and enjoys the playacting.

    I hope this makes sense.

    Am I odd? Thanks for the feedback and great site.


    Monroe Rivers

    Hi Johnny, This is Monroe And Crissy. We would love to do the coworker cheating on you as a hubby… I, Monroe could be your wife and Crissy can be our sexatary. 😉 We have a playland here at Sheries that provides exactly what you would desire!!! We hope you can cum play with us in playland. We can full fill your every passions and fantasies!! XOXXOOXOXO looking forward to meeting you!!
    Xoxo Monroe And Crissy



    Johnny, not to contradict Monroe And Crissy. If tyou are that fussy, but shoudl start an email dialogue and see if the chemistry is right for the roles that you want her to play. My experience is that the ladies are quite accomadating but it take a special connection for achieving what you want.



    Thanks for the response Monroe! I was actually trying to list a few different roleplays that I was interested in…I want to be the co-worker who hooks up with the wife of a co-worker in the fantasy! And separately, I’d love to have a very sultry, naughty secretary for a different roleplay. As I said, my idea of roleplaying is weirdly theatrical!



    Thanks Flint! I didn’t know the exact protocol for how to discuss these things…I figured this forum was a good way to start…


    Amber Lynn


    Sheri’s is definitely the bast place to play and explore all you wildest fantasies! I think everyone has a naughty side waiting to be explored…so no you are not odd by any means!

    The best way to start the process to fulfilling your fantasies would definitely be reaching out to a lady who tickles your fancy! Contact the gal and see if she is open to exploring your fantasies with you, and build a rapport from there.

    I can guarantee you will have a fabulous time.



    To each it’s own at Sheri’s Ranch, you picked the right place to find your match!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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