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    Eva M

    My new photos are finally up & I’m so excited to have everyone see them. If you like what you see then a good time with me is only a click away. Check my schedule & then call the office at Sheri’s to make a reservation.

    Kiss kiss,
    Eva Morales

    Phone Reservation: 866-820-9100


    Current Ranch Date:
    05/14/13 – 06/02/13
    06/25/13 – 07/14/13


    Kimmy D

    Super HOTT!! Love love love them!



    Hotter than a microwave oven!

    Profile photo of thepretender


    I am so glad you revealed your actual measurements in another post (6 Things U Never Would Have Guessed). You have very nice curves and the 30AA-20-20 misnomer was driving me to distraction. Your new pictures are a real attention grabber (very sexy).

    Best wishes,

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    Space heaters, furnaces, fires…they have NOTHING on Eva’s pics when it comes to warming a place up :)


    Eva M

    I did it again! New pictures, this time in our bar here at Sheri’s. Check them out and tell me which is your favorite :)



    You and the photographer did very well with the new ones. Its not possible to choose a favorite because they all have their own gem to them. In the first two you look like a movie star. The addition of the mask is very mysterious and alluring in the rest and the outfit is to die for. Very hot poses near and on the pool table. Might I suggest poses on and near the piano for your next shoot?


    Eva M

    Hi CandyAndy, and thanks for all the nice words. I’m glad you liked the different looks and poses. I had a great time playing with the camera and can’t wait for the next shoot… I have a few ideas that have never been done :) and as for the piano shoot, I think it’s a great idea! May I suggest CiCi do that photo shoot since she’s actually a great piano player?



    So I’m gathering that you were also the photographer. If that’s the case, then well done, indeed. Can’t wait to see your new ideas! And if CiCi is as great at the piano as you say she is, then no doubt she will be able to work all sorts of other magic with it in front of a camera!


    Eva M

    Hey CandyAndy now that would be some serious talent! But posing & taking pictures is not something I have mastered. I love photography so being in front or behind is always a great time.

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