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    Hello Everyone…

    As we move forward with the recent changes to our Forum, I hope you will all enjoy the newness of it with us!

    There have been a few technological glitches recently, which have made it harder for us to get registered quickly enough to fill up this area but hey, think of it as a new era in the world of Sheri’s Playtime! And in the end, the benefits will outweigh the problems experienced. I am more than optimistic of such.

    I am excited to be working with our new social media guru, Dena, and the other ladies to contribute to your overall enjoyment of the written word in regard to sexual stimulations!



    Welcome back Montana. Hope to see many more of you women on the new forum.


    Marci Fan

    Hey Montana, Good to see you back.


    Dr. Who

    Hi Montana… Good to see you and the forum back online! 🙂 


    Jeremy Lemur

    Welcome back Montana!



    Hello Montana, great to see you on here as it was fantastic to connect with you on the old forum.



    Welcome back Montana! I LOVE your profile picture, you are gorgeous. When will we have our next party together? Our first night was just a tease! Someone please help!



    Hey Montana, for some reason I can’t add to the post where you ask if you can feed me after midnight. If you’ve noticed I’m already a Gremlin so the “damage” is already done. Sounds delicious, but can you handle a Gremlin?




    Thank you so much for the Welcome Back! I appreciate all of you also who have already made your way to the boards…

    As for you Allissa Darling, I would love a little more than a teaser with you!

    And Stripe, I adore damaged Gremlins! I do more than handle them and am glad you caught the meaning – Deliciousness in the works after midnight when we meet!!

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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