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    Okay so this is gonna be a long story. I’m not sure how detailed I’m allowed to be, so I apologize in advance.

    I had my first time at Sheri’s earlier this year, and though a majority of my family and friends don’t know about it, (and hopefully never will) I was able to share what happened with a few close friends and it was liberating to be able to get it out. My time at Sheri’s was too good to keep a secret.

    I came out to Vegas after recently graduating and turning 25. I meant to go to Vegas to convalesce and think on my future, but mostly to just get away from east-America for a while. As soon as I landed, I found out my driver’s license had JUST expired (something I wish they’d reminded me of BEFORE I flew out there). I was in Vegas with no rental car, and no idea where to go. Had a bit of a crisis, a bit enraged, a bit sad.

    Now, I knew about Sheri’s already and had planned to swing by there myself at some point, so I threw all caution to the wind and called to be driven up there. I’m a terminally cautious and reserved person, but with the weight of a lot of personal issues fogging up my head, I wasn’t entirely myself. I’ll admit I didn’t care what would happen from then on, I figured “fuck it” I’m stuck in Nevada anyway so I may as well do something crazy. The driver was very informative and made me feel right at home.

    Got to Sheri’s hotel in the dead of night, slept. Woke up early, showered, cleaned myself top to bottom. Went to the bar to get breakfast. Sat down and started drawing.

    I was basically alone in there for the longest time, just sketching away. I’ve been an artist my whole life, and a formal art education was what I’d just graduated from. It’s what I always do when I have time to spare, and I figured once the girls started showing up, I’d be able to draw a couple of them (drawing portraits for people is another fun hobby). I’d made an appointment with a girl already for 1 pm, and was basically waiting for that. I chatted with some of the staff who were still tidying up the bar, and ate.

    The first girl to approach me was Angel Parr. She was wearing a pink outfit that was wonderfully indecent. We chatted and I started drawing her portrait. It’d been a while since I’d done so, and I don’t think I did such a great job on the first one. Angel has eyes that are very hard to render in pencil, I’ll just say that.

    I found out the girl I’d scheduled to be with was unable to come to work that day, and I got to talking to Angel about why I’d come out here. We got to know each other very well. I told her why I’d remained a virgin all this time, the issues in my personal life that had held me back, and how I couldn’t bring myself to pull someone into a dishonest relationship back home just because I wanted to lose my virginity. Angel was a terrific conversationalist, and very understanding. I was amazed that I was in a brothel talking about my troubles with her, and that she actually cared!

    Eventually I suggested we party together. She seemed surprised that I wanted her, actually, and after I’d gotten to know her so well, I wanted her bad. We negotiated terms, and worked something out. I figured the healthiest thing for me would be to lose my virginity in a controlled (dare I say educational?) environment. I had no idea what to expect, but I was in the hands of a professional, after all.

    I went on that trip out west to learn things about myself, and that day I learned so much. I always thought I was endowed pretty average, but I soon learned better. The one time a few years ago I tried on a condom, it fit but was pretty painful, especially around the base. Angel informed me it was because I needed to wear magnums. I thought she was just being nice at first, but she actually wasn’t kidding. I know size isn’t the most important thing, but for a scrawny guy like me who’s been modest and shy all his life, there’s nothing better than finding out you’ve got a huge dick. I thought what I’d been seeing in porn was the norm, but I’ve never been happier to be wrong.

    We did all the basics, every-which-way. Angel put on every condom with her mouth, which she has a true talent for. When the hour was up, I still hadn’t climaxed, though apparently Angel came earlier when we were doing missionary. I didn’t believe her at all, that was too good to be true. It’s all part of the experience to make you feel better, I said to myself. Apparently not. In Angel’s words, “I sell pussy, not bullshit, babe.”

    I was determined to finish what I’d started, and Angel was happy to oblige. I bought another hour and we moved to the hot-tub. After some more fooling around, I finished in Angel’s mouth (she’s gives head freakishly well). We spent the next half-hour or so in the hot-tub talking, just as naturally as we were in the bar, sharing more about each other. Angel gave me a very detailed and very informative lesson on what my strengths were as a lover. She schooled me on what I was good at, what I was bad at, and how I could improve. I learned things about myself and about lovemaking I could never have gotten from an ordinary partner.

    Then for the last 15 minutes, we went to her room and I drew her on the bed while she had a cigarette and we chatted some more.

    I don’t think I could’ve imagined a better first time if I tried. Angel gave me a day I’d never forget, and taught me more about myself and about sex than I ever would’ve known. I have nothing but praise for her and the safe environment that Sheri’s offers.

    I could tell you about the crazy shit the girls did the rest of the weekend, but that’ll have to wait till another post.



    Great review Evan, thanks for sharing!



    That was a nice story, Evan.

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