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    What would you recommend to have from the menu with the girls for the first time ? Is it also possible to have multiple cums with the girl and try out a few sex positions ? Also, which of the girls you would recommend for a virgin to be taken into the world of sex and also to gain great experience ? And what about the time ? How long should the party be ?



    You should look at the ladies profiles. Some cater to virgins. Email them and discuss what you would want to do and for how long. You do need to set a budget for your party even though the ladies cannot discuss price over the Internet.



    It is really up to you what sort of activity you want to pick from the menu for the first time. You have to be comfortable with the girl and what you want to do. I have partied with a couple of virgins and we have had an amazing time together. Some were a little nervous so they wanted the party to be a couple of hours to get really comfortable and really enjoy themselves. However, it is completely different for everyone and you just have to do what feels right for you. I would love to “take you into the world of sex”..but honestly just find someone who makes you feel comfortable.



    Hi there @waits2
    Coming to Sheri’s to lose your V-card is definitely an experience to remember! You can custom make it to be exactly what you’ve dreamt of, with the lady (or ladies) of your dream.. As far as activities to do, it’s completely up to you and the experience you are looking to have.. If you want something sensual, something a bit rough, an experience where you are learning a lot, all of that is something you would talk about with the lady you choose to spend your one with.. When it comes to who you want to be with, again that is all on you.. Each lady here can give you a different party, based on what you ask for and the amount of money you are willing to spend.. (Prices can only be discussed in the privacy of our bedrooms.) So all in all, look at the different pictures of the ladies that will be here when you’re planning your trip, email the ones that catch your eye, and let them know exactly what type of party/experience you are looking for.. They can take it from there! Hope this helps hun! Xoxo



    Hello! To add to what the beautiful ladies have already mentioned, please remember foremost everything and anything can be negotiable as long as safety and privacy is concerned. If you have the time to do a well planned trip, your fantasy will be exactly how you wanted it to be. The great thing about Sheri’s Ranch is that you have many options on how to choose and meet the lady of your choice. Of course, doing your homework with a well planned trip will automatically better prepare you. Understanding the business etiquette of this industry can help alleviate any nervousness as well. I do recommend as a virgin, take advantage of your time…. use it as not just as a fantasy come true, but a learning experience. During your party with your lady, (besides the activity or activities agreed upon) use this time to ask any questions from your curiosity to better understand the female body and anatomy. We don’t just consider ourselves as plain old traditional courtesans but also sex educators teaching with active hands on activities ;-). We love getting virgins, because we are honored to be their first!

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