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    I’ve been to a different brothel in NV (not Sheri’s!!). I drove a couple hours to get there; not too far, but hey gas prices are still pretty high. I came with a fistful of cash ready to spend. I was well-groomed, neatly dressed, sober, clean, mentally stable, etc. I am only 10% body fat, so I’m not overweight or obese. I think I’m fairly attractive and have a good personality. I’m getting over a long term relationship and not ready for dating anyone. I was at this brothel to get my needs met with a safe encounter.

    As soon as I was buzzed in, the lineup happened. I complimented the ladies as a whole group and said I’d like a drink first. The place was very slow. It was a Sunday afternoon. I was hoping to do the deed and be gone within an hour. I sat next to another guy on a bar stool. We were both there for sex, and were both a little shy about it. We ended up talking sports. The ladies all sat in a big group, far from the bar. They didn’t approach us. The other guy was frustrated that the ladies weren’t even being social with the customers. But it’s also fair to blame us that we didn’t approach them. The other guy got up and walked out.

    I sat there alone at the bar feeling very self-conscious. How was I supposed to walk right upto a group of ladies and single one out?? I really wanted to chat with anyone (even one I wasn’t attracted to) before asking her for a tour. Then I lowered my standards even more – all it would’ve taken is one lady to come up and say hi and I would’ve asked to go straight to her room. But no luck. I finished my drink, got up, walked right past the group of ladies, and walked out the door.

    I was in disbelief on the drive home. How could I fail to get laid in brothel!!! I didn’t even feel horny for the rest of the day.

    Upon reflecting, other things I could’ve done differently:

    -Read the profiles of the ladies ahead of time and have a short list of preferences. Message them ahead of time to get to know a few. Then pick one right during the initial lineup.

    -Ask the bartender or staff member to introduce me to someone.

    -Ask for another lineup?

    -Walk right up to the women’s group, sit down and start chatting. Too brazen? Maybe instead try to pick one off the herd and ask her for a drink alone at a table?

    Any other suggestions of what I did wrong or what I could do next time (when I visit Sheri’s for the first time!)?



    Welcome TNT, sorry you had a bad experience somewhere else, I suppose any of those suggestions may have worked, but shouldn’t have been necessary. I can assure you that you won’t have that same issue at Sheri’s. When you walk in the bar and the hostess greets you she will ask if you have an appointment or not, if not you will have a seat in the bar and depending on the time of day anywhere from 10-15 women will visit you one by one. I’d still suggest that you visit the site here and check out the lineup for the day(s) you will be visiting so that you know a little about the ladies ahead of time. If all else fails approach the table full of women, I actually find this easier at a brothel than a regular bar (even though the ladies are much more beautiful), they won’t bite unless you ask them to.


    hoochie coochie man

    I feel confident in saying that would not happen to you at Sheri’s. It has happened to me, tho, several times at topless clubs. I go in there with a fair amount of cash, willing to spend it and have a good time. All the girls are sitting together at the bar, ignoring the customers, probably complaining about how they are not making any money.

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