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    sorry a newbie. I plan to bring my friend from China to visit Sheri’s ranch end of January 2017. My friend is very shy/nerve and speak very little english as a foreigner. It would be the first time for both of us. I am very concerned and hesitate about the plan right now.

    2 questions:
    1. Is it common for a foreign visitor to Sheri’s ranch, especially from a non-english spoken countries? Will ladies refuse serve asian clients, especially from china?
    2. Any recommendation for a foreign client to have a great experience here?



    1) I cannot see why anyone should be turned away if they are well groomed and polite. Ladiea all have their preferences but I do not see being reject because of your ethnicity.
    2) I do not know what you have in mind for your parties. Use search ladies for the time you will be at the Ranch. Email or Tweet them to get to know them and tell them what you wouyd like to do at your parties and a proposed budget.



    Thanks Flint for your reply, very helpful.



    Afterwards let us know how the experience was for both of you.



    There are two other things that you might consider:

    1. From what I’ve read, the negotiation is a very important part of the process. If there’s a lady who speaks Chinese there that day, then there’s no problem. But if not (and in skimming the languages spoken at Sheri’s I don’t see Chinese, so it’s likely that there won’t be), then the language barrier would keep your friend from saying what he wants. And I don’t see how he can have a fun time if he can’t describe what he enjoys.

    So I would suggest calling ahead and seeing if you can accompany your friend into negotiations (and not beyond that) to describe what he enjoys.

    2. Regardless of what your friend chooses to do, it would have to be frustrating if it gets underway and he can’t communicate to affect the events of the evening. So I’d suggest (1) coaching him in some very basic English phrases pertinent to what he wants to do. “Yes!” and “That feels great!” would be good examples. (2) If there are specific acts he wants, then put them on flash cards with Chinese on one side and English on the other. I really don’t mean to be tacky, but I had a hell of a time remembering my first-year Spanish during exams, and that was without the presence of a beautiful woman and my heartrate going through the roof. Being able to say what he wants without pressure should reduce the stress and awkwardness.



    I did not consider the language barrier, as GoodHeart has. AS part of negotiations it should be clear that your friend speaks little English.


    Iris Sparks

    When getting to know her at first, if you want to chat casually in the bar, you could be there to translate. I’ve done that with guys from China. When it comes to negotiating, a lady is required to have a second in her room if there are to be two men there, for security reasons. It’s also acceptable to write things down- or as Flint suggested, email the lady a bit and you can help your friend with what he wants to communicate that way. I’ve also had a French man who used a translation app for questions he wasn’t sure how to ask in English.



    What I have seen happen most often in these situations, because most definitely the language barrier can cause concerns, is that a lineup is arranged for the gentlemen that come together. The hostess lets the girls know in advance that one gentleman is going to accompany the others to translate. If more than one gentleman is choosing a lady from the lineup, all the gentlemen choose their ladies and then the lady chosen first will take her suitor and the translator to her room and the other ladies will wait in the bar with their gentlemen until the negotiation is complete with the first lady. The first lady will escort the translator back to the bar, he grabs the next in line and they head to her room to negotiate their play.

    A second girl is only required to accompany the gentlemen if there is playtime involved. For translation purposes only, the two men can go with only one lady to her room.

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    Interesting procedure.



    Google Translate on phones is also lovely. It’s clearly not foolproof — existing technology is far from being able to accommodate lingual nuance, idioms, and aphorisms — but it’s (on two occasions, so far) sufficed for purposes of communication in negotiation.

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