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    I am aware that the cost of the party can get risen slightly because of this what if you decide not to party? Lol then will i be charged for the limo or end up getting stranded with no way back to the hotel im staying at?




    The Limo company and drivers derive their income from a 30% portion of the party proceeds. If you don’t party for some reason, the Limo driver would expect a tip but you most certainly would not be stranded.

    If you plan to book a hotel room it would be better to reserve a Sheri’s Hotel room rather than Las Vegas, because you will have more time to become acquainted with Sheri’s Courtesans and party. The Limo driver will pick you up from McCarran Airport and provide return transportation too.

    Sheri’s Hotel http://www.sherisranch.com/hotel/



    Do they give you a ride to vegas to shop or whatever if you stay at sheris hotel?



    I only use it to go back and forth from my hotel.



    Matt’s question: Do they give you a ride to vegas to shop or whatever if you stay at Sheri’s hotel?


    Sheri’s Ranch is located 60 miles west of Las Vegas on HWY 160 in Pahrump Nevada. Pahrump’s population is 38,000, and there are many retail stores so it’s not necessary to travel to Las Vegas to shop.

    Pahrump has Albertson’s Grocery, Auto Zone, Best Western Motel, Chevron Gas Station, CVS Pahrump Pharmacy, Dairy Queen, Lakeside Casino & RV Park, McDonald’s, Media Shop & Adult Store, Nugget Hotel Casino & Stockman’s Steakhouse, Pahrump Valley Winery & Symphony’s Restaurant, Saddle West Motel Casino, Shell Gas Station, Smith’s Grocery, Sonic Drive-in, Starbucks, Walgreen’s Pharmacy, WalMart Supercenter and etcetera. In addition, Taxi and Uber services are available for local Pahrump errands.

    If you still desire to travel to Las Vegas to shop, you’ll have to make arrangements with the Limo drivers. Drop off and pick up would have to coincide with their scheduled Las Vegas runs.

    Places Near Sheri’s Ranch http://newblog.sherisranch.com/forums/topic/places-near-sheris-ranch/#post-10303

    Pahrump Valley Fire & Rescue, 300 North HWY160, Pahrump is located 10.96 miles and 17 minutes from Sheri’s Ranch, 10551 Homestead Road, Pahrump. http://www.pahrumpnv.org/pahrump-nevada/departments/pahrump-fire-department/

    Desert View Hospital, 360 South Lola Lane, Pahrump is located 13.34 miles and 21 minutes from Sheri’s Ranch. They staff a 24 hour emergency unit. http://www.desertviewhospital.com/


    John Doe

    So if someone rents a car and books a room at the hotel they can save money on the party?



    John Doe asked, “So if someone rents a car and books a room at the hotel they can save money on the party?”

    A client has more negotiating leverage if they rent a car because the Limo receives 30% of the party proceeds. Therefore, Courtesans can’t afford to negotiate on parties where the client arrives by Limo. However, the amount of money saved would depend on the negotiated party discount minus rental car costs. A client would normally have to book two or more parties over several days to realize substantial savings. A Sheri’s Hotel room is complimentary with a five hundred dollar minimum party cost too.



    i see :), sorry haven’t been active on here for a while. im back and i did have a brief attack of guilty conscience. but i’ve faced my fears and yes i will be going there in 4 weeks. way i look at it, if they are able to work with me on my budget then good if not then oh well. not a high roller here lol.

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