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    Hi all; I’ve reading (and re-reading) the really great/helpful tips for newcomers and I’m really glad that I took the time. Like any new experience (and this will actually be my first trip to a brothel…legal or otherwise) there are guidelines and etiquette. So thanks to all who have taken the time to smooth the path.
    Now…the reason for the post (you knew I was going to get there in the end, right?)
    I’m holidaying in the U.S. (I’m from Australia) so I will not be driving (the other side of the road thing…) and I will be relying on the courtesy driver to get to and from.
    So, my question is…what is a reasonable tip for the driver?
    Yes, I know I’m from a country that lacks a tippy culture as such, but I have no problem with gratuities. I actually find them quite rewarding…in other words, a more substantial way to say cheers, and thanks very much. I don’t want to come across as cheap, so can one of you more knowledgeable folk out there in forum-land give a couple of tips on tipping?
    BTW, I’ll be visiting Sherri’s either Tuesday or Wednesday next week.
    Thanks in advance.



    Hi Mark ,
    How the legal brothel scene in Australia? Tell something .



    Hi: Legal brothel scene in Oz….hmmmmmm….ok
    Brothels are legal in most Australian states (great news huh?) each state will have its own laws regarding them, and then local council bylaws will also apply.
    For instance, in Qld the establishment must be situated away from schools and churches…..yep, you read that right!
    Private escort services are also legal in most places, but will generally cost a little more (I think.,..not talking from experience here)
    In general the prices would apear to be somewhat less than in the U.S.
    Also the Aussie dollar is down at the mo….good for all you locals…not so for poor me!!!
    Hope this helps



    Thanks for info.It means there are large number of legal brothels in australia unlike in USA .Dont need to go far to enjoy brothel services unlike here.



    Mark, there are post in some threads about tipping the limousine driver (should you use one) and the ladies. You would have to search the forum to find them.



    Ahhhh of course! Forum faux pas #1 use the bloody search function! Sorry all…..I genuinely forgot about that….call it holiday memory lapse
    I am searching now………

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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