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    So yes, I’m a gay guy and I’m looking to do it with a girl just to see what it’s like. What girl would you recommend at Sheri’s and do any of them do anal sex?



    Hmm…interesting question. I don’t have a specific recommendation for you, for a couple reasons. First, without knowing your specific tastes or what you’re looking for it would be a tough call. Second, given your fairly unique situation, I wouldn’t want to presume to speak for any of the girls and what they are comfortable with.
    I have no doubt that some would be intrigued, and take it as a challenge to represent their gender with pride, while some others might not be all that excited to be your guinea pig.
    What I suggest (and what I suggest to most newbies) is that you look at the profiles, schedules and reviews of a few women that intrigue you, then email them. Tell them what you are looking for, and ask them if that’s something they’re comfortable with.
    Alternatively, you could start by heading into the bar and discreetly explaining what you’re looking for to the hostess. She can then direct some of the available ladies, one at a time, over to talk with you. That way you can find someone that you have a little rapport with.

    As for anal sex, it is forbidden by policy for the women, but I think it OK for them to peg you (Not sure on that one…not my scene).

    I’m curious, what sort of woman do you find attractive? Are you wanting to be with someone ultra-feminine, sort of the opposite of men you’ve been with? Also why the interest in anal sex…wouldn’t the point of being with a woman be to experience a female body?

    Anyhow, best of luck…Hope I gave you at least a little direction.




    Potential clients may contact a specific Courtesan by first clicking on her thumbnail photo and then on the blue “Send a Private Message” bar on the right side of her official page. However, a client may only discuss sex party specifics at Sheri’s Ranch. Courtesans cannot answer hypothetical questions concerning a proposed party over the Internet or telephone due to legalities, deceptive inquiries and scams. In addition, a client must appear at Sheri’s Ranch to demonstrate their sincerity and legitimacy. A client may only discuss party specifics with their selected Courtesan in privacy during negotiations. A potential client is essentially a blind date until a Courtesan meets them face to face; sex menu requests, hygiene, demeanor and whether a person is under the influence of alcohol or drugs are factors that a Courtesan considers.

    Vaginal sexual intercourse, fellatio and hand-jobs are the services primarily provided by LPIN Courtesans; however, each Lady has her own personal menu of specialties she provides. You would have to ask a specific Courtesan in person if she offers condom covered anal sex. In addition, the size of a man’s penis may be a prohibiting factor.

    Vaginal sexual intercourse is usually much more gratifying than anal sex especially if a woman regularly performs Kegel exercises. A vagina’s natural lubrication makes it much more pleasurable than anal sex. Vaginal sex can provide a more intense climactic sensation than anal sex if a woman is skilled at contracting her pelvic floor muscles.

    Some Courtesans don’t allow kissing because of the transmission of herpes, hepatitis, tuberculosis, mononucleosis and flu. Any sexual activity without a condom, cunnilingus without a dental dam or deep French kissing are forbidden at Sheri’s Ranch due to the potential transmission of disease. Condoms are mandatory for all penis involved sex acts, cunnilingus dental dams are utilized for oral sex protection and the device may adapt for anilingus too.

    In conclusion a potential client must confer with a selected Courtesan at the Sheri’s Ranch Brothel during a private session to determine sex party specific information and conclude negotiations.

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