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    I find I get to know women the best when I can spend some time in the kitchen cooking with them. It is like a dance that usually has a happy ending or two. This however is probably not feasible with the captivating women at sheri’s. It did however get me thinking, what do you like to do to get to know these wonderful women? Be it before during or after your party’s. Lady’s feel free to chime in with your perspective of things.


    Lewd Ferrigno

    Billiards is always available. Put $10 in the jukebox & invite her/them to help pick songs. Dancing at the Halloween & Christmas parties. Karaoke w/Tom Thurs is my favorite way to break the ice.


    Angel Parr

    I really like it when the guy stays in the hotel,esp during summer so we can have a pool party, or hang out in the hot tub at night!



    Excellent suggestions already mentioned, karaoke can be a good ice breaker and the pool/hot tub are great! If you’ve narrowed it down to a particular lady, but just want to have more time to visit with her you could offer to buy her dinner in the bar and adjourn to one of the booths for a date night feel. It’s much more intimate that way, when sitting in one of the booths with a gorgeous lady you practically forget where you are.



    I don’t think the ladies eat dinner in the bar.



    I think diesel is correct.



    The ladies can have dinner in the bar if it is with a guest and at the guest’s request. The ladies are typically reluctant to do so if it is not someone they have partied with that day or in the past. But as an add on during your negotiations it would definitely be something you could do in the bar! You could go to your ladies room, negotiate a dinner first as part of your party, and then retire to her room again after dinner for the main event.

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    Alex, i did not think of a mutual dinner as an add on to a party.



    The “Date Night” is always a great way to get to know your lady. This is so much better if you stay in the hotel however because you have so many other options available. I have taken a wonderful moonlit stroll in the courtyard, played in the pool and hot tub, had a wine and hors deurve party with friends, sipped on champagne in the afternoon sunshine, and even partook of a one on one scavenger hunt…The ideas are only limited by your imagination.

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    Gettin jiggy with it! >:P



    maybe i will have one, someday……



    I’m with you on the food-sex connection! Have you considered a bungalow party? Our bungalows are the most home-like environments Sheri’s has. In a bungalow you can seamlessly seduce the lady/ladies of your choice from the countertop to the jacuzzi to the living room to the bed (in the order of your choice)!


    Steve Roberts

    I’ve found theat loading the dish washer is the thing that gets my lady turned on.

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)

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