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    Are girls able to receive gifts or flowers? If so do I send them to the address on the Web site and to the girl or girls?



    The girls love getting flowers. Send the flowers to the girl(s) at the ranch address on the web site.



    What do you buy the woman who has everything? It’s best to ask. Say this, “Darling, I’m crazy about you. What is your heart’s desire? Please let me get it for you.” She will melt. But the reality is, most of us are practical women. Many of the women here have wish lists they can point you to, that way you will get her something she really wants or needs. And some of us prefer flowers to other gifts. Or say it like Keb Mo’ “Come’ere, Baby. Let me buy you a house.”

    Send the white carnations to
    Tatyana, c/o Sheri’s Resort
    10551 Homestead Road
    Pahrump, Nv


    Angel Parr

    We all love to get gifts of any kind, but as Tatyana said it is always best to ask the lady(s) what they would like best. You can also go onto the ladies page and there’s a section that will tell you our favorite flowers and so forth so you can make it a surprise if you would like to!
    By the way this is my last trip here before my birthday, 9/4, I love black roses and flowerbomb by Vikotor Rolf…hint hint wink wink to all those who want to show me some extra special birthday love!



    Dear Tatyana,
    You indicate that you may have everything you need, but… would you be pleased if you received a wrapped up “firefighter” gift, lol? Of course you’d have to feed me, but supplying clothing isn’t necessary because I like to cavort au natural, lol!
    XO FF



    @sprucetree You can also e-mail the lady of your choice and ask if they have a wishlist.



    What lady doesn’t like receiving gifts or flowers 🙂 As a few other ladies mentioned you could always email the lady of your choice and ask her specifically what sort of gift she would really enjoy 🙂

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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