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    Warning: Somewhat long wall of text incoming.

    From reading through things such as “Dex’s Newbie Guide” and other posts it gives the impression that a “client” must be very specific with what he/she desires a lady to perform.

    However, as a 21 year old virgin who is seriously considering potentially losing their virginity at Sheri’s Ranch…I personally have no clue what I would like to have done or even if what I what I would truly want is offered.

    What I would truly like is a “tutor,” someone who is experienced enough with their own body, anatomy, and desires who would be willing to coach someone in order to make them a halfway decent lover. Yes, I would like to “get my rocks off” but that is kind of secondary.

    From reading Firefighter’s posts it gave the indication that the “girlfriend experience” wasn’t done that often (or at all) but I’m not sure if what I want qualifies. I would like to be coached in cunnilingus (which from reading seems to only be performed with dental dams so I’m not sure if that can effectively happen), manual stimulation (also seemed to be off limits) as well as coitus. However I am unsure if this is feasible at all or if it was, would be infeasible from a monetary perspective.

    Additionally, as a virgin, I reiterate that I have no clue what I would enjoy. I’m not sure if there is an option for a client to choose a “ladies choice” option in which the lady can perform acts (with the consent of the client) that they themselves would like to do. Or even if this was possible would it potentially cost an astronomically high amount.

    Somewhat of a tangent:

    I’ve somewhat talked to someone about losing my virginity at a brothel and was confronted with the question of “why?” Well, here are my reasons.

    1. If possible would like to get experience with someone who knows exactly what they are doing and how to please both themselves and others. I’ve watched porn before (quite a bit of it) but, as with romance novels for females, I’ve been informed it gives pretty much the wrong ideas, techniques, etc. I’ve also had horrible visions of myself (as a virgin) and another virgin going at it and it just seems incredibly awkward.

    2. I’ve masturbated…a lot. To the extent I’m honestly not sure if I’ve damaged nerves down there. This coupled with the fact I’m not sure if I would be a premature ejaculator (I certainly hope not), would require extra stimulation (due to damaged nerves), or have any other problems made me think that someone who has probably seen it all might be able to give advice, tips and tricks, etc in order to fix any issues if they exist.

    3. Confidence builder. I’m pretty bloody shy (to the extent I still blush like a damn schoolgirl whenever I enter a sex store [a whopping three times so far]). I’ve never dated or even come close to dating (although I’ve been informed, after the fact, that I am evidently completely oblivious to flirtation attempts). Having a successful sexual experience “might” (granted this is a long shot) provide a bit of confidence to any attempts at finding a partner (it’s kind of a long shot).

    4. It is much better than trying to pick up someone at a bar. For one I don’t drink very often. Additionally, I choose to ignore the advice provided by some “friends” of mine in that picking up ladies from bars is a “great idea man!” From what I have heard/read the ladies at Sheri’s are free of STDs and have stringent regulations to remain that way (although that does sadly put a damper on any oral prospects). Picking up a random person from a bar (or anywhere else) just to sleep with them, sounds like a very bad idea to me (and a way to potentially experience the wonders of STDs!).

    So, my apologies for the wall of text (if there are error in spelling and grammar [and there probably are], I will attempt to fix them. If anyone could answer my questions or point me in the direction I should go that would be great. I’m currently in Vegas now but sadly did not make arrangements to go to Sheri’s (also I kind of want to plan ahead, hence this post).



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    I will start to help. many of the ladies offer GFE. You should start to email those who appeal to you. let them know exactly what you have in mind or as close as you can get to it. Get to know her better before a party.
    This may not satisfy all of your requirements. Plan a multi hour party perhaps in a bungalow if you can afford it. Start out as if it were a date with dinner and a movie and proceed from there.



    If you are already in Las Vegas, I recommend visiting Sheri’s Ranch instead of emailing. Also, it’s preferred to stay at the Sheri’s Ranch hotel for a couple of days so you don’t feel rushed too. The hotel is complimentary for a minimum amount party which is very reasonable. I would notify the hostess upon entering the bar that you wish to talk to several different Courtesans about losing your virginity. In that way you may determine if a particular Lady and you develop romantic chemistry. I believe it’s more productive to meet a Lady in the bar rather than pick from a lineup because you have no idea if you’ll make a connection or be compatible. There are several Ladies that love to teach virgins about sex. In addition, there are Ladies that provide the full girlfriend experience but with condom protection of course. All of the Courtesans are independent contractors and have a personal menu of services they provide. In reference to GFE, there are Ladies that kiss, provide fellatio, allow cunnilingus and all of the Ladies engage in intercourse with STD protection, but you must ask them specifically and politely what they offer after breaking the ice. It’s quite common for a client to talk to all of the Courtesans individually at a private table and then settle on one to flirt respectfully and engage in gentlemanly but candid conversation concerning your intimate feelings for her, your sexual desires and party objectives.



    Believe me, I would love to visit Sheri’s Ranch. Unfortunately my flight leaves tomorrow very early otherwise I would have at least made the attempt (got in to Vegas at 7 PM yesterday and leave at 8 AM tomorrow).

    I do intend to come out to Vegas sometime in the future for an extended stay of at least 3-4 days (hopefully at least a few of which I intend to spend at the Sheri’s ranch hotel).

    So as for the “tutoring” experience, that would be considered to fall under the GFE then?

    Also, what about my question about letting the lady choose which services she provides? Like I said, I’m not sure what I would enjoy (probably quite a few things). Is it acceptable for a lady to choose? i.e. could be something like femdom, conventional sex, toy show, etc (or any other combination) that the lady feels most appropriate, enjoyable, or just feeling up to it.



    You could request a GFE party if those are the elements of lovemaking that you think you might enjoy. Or you could simply ask your chosen Courtesan to provide a learning experience type virgin party where she teaches you how to make love and leave the details up to her if you prefer. Either way, I’m sure you’ll be more than satisfied with the outcome of your first sex party!



    Okay, so it appears from what you are saying that contacting the courtesan(s) ahead of time is one of the more important things to do.

    Are there any keywords I should look for beyond “GFE” and “Virgin” or is it also acceptable to contact those that do not have those in their profile but whose profiles I am drawn to?

    Also, I read the GFE thread but I’m still not 100% sure what it means (beyond just “girlfriend experience”) if that could be explained a bit better that would be very helpful.

    Is there any particular time of the week/month/year that is better (or worse) to arrive? I.e. is the middle of the week slightly better than weekends, is 4th of July just a madhouse, etc?

    So, just to clarify, these appear to be the steps that need to be taken to get the best experience (please add/correct anything if I leave it out or get it wrong).

    1. Contact and arrange with the courtesan(s) on what is desired, if it is acceptable, when they are available, etc.

    2. Make a reservation at the Ranch hotel.

    3. Rent a car from Las Vegas to drive to the Ranch.

    4. Be nice (possibly bring a gift(s)).

    5. Make sure personal grooming is up to snuff (although for “manscaping” is it desired to be completely shaved, just short, or does the preference vary wildly from lady to lady?).

    6. Meet courtesan(s). (Although if found to be incompatible may different ones be queried?)

    7. Discuss arrangement(s) and price.

    8. Have a party (whoo!).

    Edit: I forgot to ask…do the parties take place in the courtesan’s personal room or a bungalow? I know the bungalows are available (or at least I’m pretty sure) but is the courtesan’s room also an option (or is that typically the default)?

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    I would peruse through the “Weekly Lineup” http://www.sherisranch.com/lineup.aspx and “Scheduled Ladies” coming soon http://www.sherisranch.com/comingsoon.aspx.
    When you find a Lady that appeals to you, click on that thumbnail photo and view her photo albums and profile.

    If you’re intrigued and wish to communicate with her, click the blue “Send a Private Message” bar and ask appropriate questions concerning a virgin party or whatever interests you. I would converse with any Lady to whom you’re attracted because they don’t always include everything in their profiles regarding to every type party they cater.

    GFE initially meant that a Courtesan provided fellatio, allowed kissing, cunnilingus and intercourse. Today, many Courtesans believe a GFE party is what you would typically expect from your girlfriend on an intimate date. There is no concise definition for girlfriend experience anymore so it’s always appropriate to ask your Courtesan what she includes or excludes in her GFE party.

    It’s a good idea to arrive Tuesday through Thursday since weekends and holidays are oftentimes very busy.

    Your number list of steps is good for starters. When communicating with the Courtesans it’s best to be general since most Courtesans would like to meet a client in person before committing to extremely intimate party details.



    Understood and thank you.

    But yeah…having a “girlfriend experience” tag doesn’t really help when you have never had a girlfriend…

    But yes, will look into “weekly lineup” and “scheduled ladies.”

    I recently graduated and when I find a full time position I was looking to celebrate by coming out to Sheri’s and losing my virginity. Hopefully it won’t take terribly long and I will be out there soon.

    Once again, thank you for your help and advice.

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    All the ladies at Sheri’s can be great teachers and companions for your first time. Have you read our blog on the topic? Shoot me an email if you want to talk more 🙂

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