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    Hailey Leigh: A Fun Sexy Time

    It was the morning of the 2nd day of my trip, a Saturday that I first met Hailey Leigh. I was well rested and up at 5:00am, went outside to find Montana, Hailey Leigh, and a couple of guys were still up from the night before. They invited me to have a seat so I did and came to find out just how funny both Montana and Hailey are. I thought both would be excellent choices for a party. About an hour and a half later, they were heading for some sleep and I went back to my room.

    That night Deadpool and I went into town to eat at Romero’s and afterwards we stopped by Starbucks to pick up a few coffees for the Sheri’s ladies and brought them back for Tristan to hand out since she was the one that requested them. This led to some very interesting chats with Tristan, Trina, Mia, Red, Kim, and Hailey. In the chat with Hailey, I mentioned to her about an idea I had for a pool party involving water guns and she seemed very excited by this. I didn’t know how or if it was going to work out yet so all I was able to do was set the idea out on the table.

    On Day 4, Monday, at lunch time I went into the sports bar and ate, after which Hailey came over and I started to talk to her about basketball. She had played in her high school years and enjoyed watching the NBA during the timeframe that Larry Bird, Scottie Pippen, Charles Barkley, and others were playing. This lead to us talking about an NBA Jam game I have for the PS2 with players like these and legends, Phil Jackson, the Walt Frazier/Willis Reed Knicks and so on. This resulted in me asking how she would feel about a two piece Lakers outfit which she was very receptive so I went back to my room, got it, and cleared it with management to give to Hailey. Upon getting it, she put it on and we went outside to talk in the covered area by the pool. At some point, Hailey wanted to know if the pool party I had talked about previously was going to happen. I told her what the status of that was and she told me to get the water guns and she would get the girls. She managed to round up Tristen, Pretty, Akira and, of course, herself. So here I am outside with 4 half naked ladies in swimwear having a water pistol battle. It wasn’t long before Akira dove right into the pool and two others got topless and soon were in the pool as well. I told one of them that I swore I would be in the pool by the end of the trip and they said to go get my swimwear and make it happen so I did. This now means I am in the pool with two topless ladies and one in a swimsuit. When we were done, we cleaned up everything from around the pool and I went back to my room to change into some dry clothes. Then I went back to the sports bar and bought each of the ladies involved a drink.

    Later that night, after dinner, I found myself talking with Hailey again and really hitting it off with her. At 9:00pm I could tell she wanted to take me back to her room but when I didn’t ask, she said she was going to lie down but that if I wanted her she would be there until midnight then she was heading home. I sat at the bar a little then went back to my room, but I was still thinking about Hailey and finally decided I did not want to miss this opportunity so I went back to the bar and asked Vickie, the shift manager if Hailey was still available for me to see. Vickie said she was and went to get Hailey. Hailey showed up shortly thereafter, saw me in the booth, smiled and sat down. She asked if I wanted to go to her room to which I smiled and said, yes, I do. We went into the hallway leading to the ladies rooms; she took my hand and walked me to hers.

    Now at this point she had already packed her room since she only had a few hours before she was heading home so the room was pretty bare but still quite capable of having a party in. So I sat on the couch and she on the bed and I very easily told her what I was interested in doing. It was so easy since I had already been around her talking multiple times and felt a connection with her. Next we settled on a price and went to the office to take care of the transaction. It was time to return to her room and have a party that would be so very relaxing. Hailey is a warm soul, a beautiful spirit, and fun. I would highly recommend Hailey for a party.



    Still remembering Hailey in that Laker outfit,her glow and her fun playful spirit!

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