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    Hey everybody,

    I’m Jordan, 23 years old, virgin with autism/asperger’s, seeing if there is any chance of me going to Nevada to take care of this. Talked to a couple of you already (I think Char, Montana and Destini, possibly others I forgot), but figured I’d pop my head into this forum to get to know you all and if there’s any additional insight here. Looking forward to talking to you all.


    Amber Lynn

    Welcome! When do you plan on visiting all of us beautiful ladies at Sheri’s?


    Kimmy D

    Jordan, we would be pleased to have you come visit us! No matter what you seek, you are sure to find an array of wonderful possibilities here for you! Here is what you do:

    + Figure out when you will be visiting the Ranch
    + check the ladies profile pages to see who will be available during that time (our calendars show our availability)
    + Email your ladies so you can discuss what you are interested in

    You don’t have to be shy with us Jordan! We will make you feel very comfortable in no time!

    And we will get that V-card 😉

    Xoxo KimmyD



    Tough call, and I honestly wish I had more of a definitive answer. I’m a bit tight on money, and I’d have to fly cross country, so money is obviously needed. Also figuring out the stress of that cross-country travel. Just know that it’s something I’d certainly love to do.



    Yes, be sure to send the lady you are thinking an email when you have an idea when you are visiting! Welcome to the forum!


    Kimmy D

    Clancularius, We hope that sometime in the future we will get the pleasure of having you as a guest here.

    XOXO Kimmy D


    Charina Lee

    Yes, the ladies here are amazing! Hope you make it!

    Hugs, Charina Lee



    I recommend you join CWMC Message Board (SIN ~ sex-in-nevada). SIN’s mission statement is: “The goal of the Sex in Nevada website is to provide accurate information on all aspects of legal sexual and adult entertainment in the state of Nevada. The information provided throughout the website is as accurate as we can make it from an outsider, hobbyist perspective. Our goal is not to promote one venue over another but rather to provide information which allows a prospective user to make informed decisions.” Also, there are CWMC Message Board members who are autism sufferers too that would enthusiastically discuss this new brothel experience with you in detail. Many SR Forum members are CWMC Message Board members too, since they are registered voters in the “Courtesan of the Year” & “Brothel of the Year” annual awards. Destini & Sheri’s Ranch are finalists for COY & BOY Awards respectively, and the CWMC-17 Awards Banquet is scheduled for July 19th in Reno Nevada.

    The link for new member registration is: http://newblog.sherisranch.com/forums/topic/register-for-cwmc-message-board-sin-cwmc-18-election/

    In addition, there’s a post entitled “Dex’s Newbie Guide” that is an informative post to peruse. This post will help save the embarrassment of acting completely like a newbie when you arrive, lol. http://newblog.sherisranch.com/forums/topic/dexs-newbies-guide/
    Good luck & have a great time!



    I recommend you check the current lineup and Ladies coming soon about a month before your trip so you’ll have an idea which Courtesans will be available. Click on the Courtesan’s thumbnail photo hyperlink to view her schedule, statistics, profile, photo albums and reviews.

    SR Current Lineup http://www.sherisranch.com/lineup.aspx

    SR Ladies Coming Soon http://www.sherisranch.com/comingsoon.aspx



    A hostess will greet and assist you upon entering the Sheri’s Ranch Sports Bar. If you have made an appointment you may ring the bell on the door to the right of the Sports Bar or simply walk into the Sports Bar and inform the hostess of your appointment. If you haven’t made an appointment, request to talk individually with several Courtesans in a secluded booth. You may request a lineup too, but if you select a Lady from a lineup I recommend that you converse in the Sports Bar to become better acquainted before adjourning to her room. I believe you’re going to love your first sexual experience and your special Lady too! You’ll savor these memories for eternity of having the Courtesan of your choice devirginize you! Sheri’s Ranch Ladies can definitely take care of your 23 years without sex dilemma, since lovemaking is their expertise! Some of the Ladies love virgins too, since you haven’t developed any bad sexual habits and they can teach you how to make love to a woman sensually.



    You mentioned Destini and Montana and they would be excellent choices, since I’ve spent special intimate time together with these lovely Ladies. Also, I can recommend several other Courtesans that I have personal knowledge of their qualifications from past experience including Riley, Amber Lynn, Brittney Ryder, Karli Brooks, Olivia and Phoenix. I have only mentioned Courtesans who are either appearing currently or scheduled soon. In addition, Kimmy, Charina Lee and Allissa responded to your thread, and they are all very sensuous Courtesans; unfortunately, I have not had the opportunity to enjoy their company yet.



    I’m still trying to post the last two parts of my original reply, since the Forum system continually rejects my numerous attempts. It was necessary to split my post into six separate parts to enable submission of the posts. I hope I’m able to enter the last parts soon, since it’s incomplete and illogical without the final portions. The Forum genie hates me!



    Selecting your Courtesan from a brothel lineup and proceeding posthaste to her room for sex involves very little romance, so lineups pose lustful encounters at best since only a woman’s outward beauty is considered. It is essential to become familiar and build a connection or instill a certain romantic chemistry with your chosen Courtesan before making love; therefore, I recommend that you communicate and flirt respectfully to several Ladies of your choice in the Sports Bar before making a selection and venturing to a Lady’s room. Also, a little light hearted conversation reinforces your interest in their minds as well as their bodies.



    Every man is nervous on his lovemaking maiden voyage. Sexual encounters pose a whole new world to you at this point, but you’re going to thoroughly enjoy it once you break the ice. You will probably be slightly nervous, but don’t drink alcohol excessively before the party or you won’t fully enjoy the lovemaking experience. Alcohol (liquid courage), nicotine and numerous prescription drugs are detrimental to erections, so they should be avoided immediately prior to lovemaking since it may ruin your experience. If you’re having feelings of anxiety, inform your Lady and she’ll be able to help you through this period. Good luck and have a great time!

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