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    I am currently planning what is hopefully going to be a very epic visit in july. I have a few lady’s in mind for my visit however I can’t decide who to spend my time with on beauty alone. I would like to start conversing with some of the women however I do not wish to start too early. Does anyone know how often the lady’s tend to respond on average to messages when on duty and secondly how long do I have to discuss with them offline before they write me off as just a window shopper?



    I would start now. Some ladies do not want to discuss a party too early, but I take it as a good sign if they are willing to discuss it with you months in advance.
    Each lady has their own rate for answering emails. Lots of patience is needed for an extended email dialogue.



    I would definitely say you should extend your message as soon as you want to! If that is now, go for it!



    Ok thanks, I know the ladys need to focus on more recent encounters and I don’t wish to innendat them with too much chatter.



    I love your choice word of epic. I believe I have epic capabilities 😉 definitely plan as early as you need! Epic takes time… Good luck!


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    Emails can only be returned during visiting dates at Ranch
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    Again thank you, alissa I appreciate the assistance. Choosing one woman over another is proving more difficult than previously thought so I will keep your epic capabilities in mind.


    Angel Parr

    You cna email us at any time, if you think that its going to be a bit before you arrive then let the lady know that you are serious about coming and when you think you’ll be able to make it so that she knows what to expect, and then you can talk for as long as you like!

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