How to negotiate a mutiple Lady party

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    So, What is the proper etiquette for negotiating a multiple Lady party?

    Do you start with just one Lady and negotiate the entire party with her?
    Do negotiate with each Lady separately and then all come together after agreeing to terms separately?
    Do you try to get all the Ladies you are interested in together at one time and negotiate with all of them at the same time?

    Personal experiences and advice welcome. Thanks.



    In my experience, I went to the first ladies bedroom and inquired about multiply girls. She gave me a list of ladies, she was willing to pair with. Upon agreement, she brings the other lady into her bedroom and then you negotiate terms of the party with both ladies. Hopes this helps you.



    I emailed both ladies and struck up a dialogue. They agreed to party with me and the negiotations were painless.



    Thank you.



    Both Baddog and Flint are correct. It’s always best to pick one lady and have her tell you who she is comfortable with. You want to have an experience with ladies that are comfortable with each other. The girlfriends that they pick have either an attraction to each other or have partied together before which will make the party itself flow better.

    Thank you for asking such a good questions!


    Amber Lynn

    Yes! Pick one gal first, and then from there! Two girl parties are fabulous, and always best with gals that have played together before! You will find that a lot of us sexy ladies have all played together at some point! LOL!

    If you don’t mind me asking who do you have in mind for this naughty threesome?



    i am also curious.

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