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    So, I have a couple questions…

    1. Is it customary to tip your lady/ladies after your party is over and if so, how much ?

    2. Say i only wanted a massage, could i pick however many ladies I want or am I limited to a certain number ?

    Thanks in advance.



    1) I suppose you could add your tip in while paying for your party.
    2) what kind of massage and how many ladies did you have in mind?



    I was thinking a Nuru with 2 of the ladies.. And maybe just a regular(classic) massage with 4 of them.



    If you have the budget for it, it can be done. See who specializes in Nura and which lady most appeals to you. then ask her which lady she would want to join both of you.
    larger budget for four ladies but again try to find one which you like the best and have her suggest the other three.



    Okay Flint, appreciate it.



    you could call the office and speak with Dena if you have more questions or unusual requests.


    Amber Lynn

    When it comes to tipping us ladies, gratuity is at your discretion. Most of us sexy gals also have wishlist, and love to be surprised…what gal doesn’t!

    When it comes to your party, I am a firm believer the more the merrier. Sheri’s is like “Disney for adults!” Your options are limitless here!

    Amber Lynn


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    amber I had forgotten that some ladies have wish lists, thanks.



    More the merrier.. I like it. Thanks for your reply Amber.



    The Nuru Room is perfect to have a few ladies slipping and sliding all their sexy parts on you 🙂


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    Angel Parr

    Tipping is always gladly appreciated, but never required or expected, so there’s no standard amount. If you would like to tip your girl, then give her whatever you feel like she earned.

    Multiple girl parties are very common, and the only limit to how many ladies you play with is how much you are willing to spoil us. We all have our go to girls that we are comfortable playing with, so it’s best to find a courtesan that you like the most and let her find you a few friends.

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