I'm a boob man.


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    Always have been.
    I’ll be looking at the line up for a while.
    I found a few typos: one lady is listed atr 55 feet tall.
    Maybe that’s 5’5″.
    Looking for at least a D cup and not too short.
    I was a regular customer for a few years,but Sharon is gone,now.
    So much easier! We would email back and forth a lot,every year.
    I’ll never forget how she introduced herself!

    I’m sitting at the bar with my beer and I feel something soft on my back.
    Nothing turns my stomach faster than boobs on my back.
    Sharon said “I,m pretty drunk and I wanted to show off my new boobies!”
    She wasn’t wearing much of a top.
    She took my disposible camera and left the bar for a few minutes and came back to the bar and handed it back to me.(That was in 2003)
    Big surprise to find that her buddy took a topless shot of her for me!
    We had a GREAT time!
    Dave in Seattle.



    That sounds like a memorable introduction.


    Charina Lee

    Did someone say BOOBS?

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