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    I was planning on visiting Sheri’s Ranch on what I guess would be a particularly odd day: Thanksgiving. Accordingly to the FAQ, the brothel is open 24-7, but the bar isn’t, and I was thinking about visiting the bar as a chance to chat with a lady and see if I might like to party with her. Would Thanksgiving be a bad time for that?



    Sheri’s Ranch Brothel is technically open 24/7, but the Courtesans must sleep sometime. The bar is open for business daily from 11 am to 3 am including holidays. Courtesans frequent the bar during a portion of their shifts between those hours. A Courtesan may be requested after 3 am, but they’re usually asleep so it will take a few minutes for her to get ready.

    There are 18 Courtesans currently scheduled for Thanksgiving Day including Allissa, Angel Parr, Callie, Cassie, Chloe, Destini, Eden, Fabienne, Jasmine Jones, Karli Brooks, Kellie Love, Kim, Monroe Rivers, Montana, Myssi Jane, Olivia, Suzanne, and Tatyana so it may indeed be a good time to visit Sheri’s Ranch.



    Please come for Thanksgiving! We’re having a mashed potato wrestling contest and need a referee.



    Dear Tatyana,
    I suppose it will be a NUDE mashed potato wrestling contest? After the nude wrestling contest the mashed potatoes will be miraculously transformed into sweet potatoes by making contact with your beautiful bodies! I’ll volunteer to referee if I can get naked with you Ladies too! If I can’t be nude, I’ll wear a skimpy potato skin!
    XO FF


    Jeremy Lemur

    @Tatyana: That explains why there’re two gigantic tubs of mashed potatoes in the kitchen.



    What a nude mashed potatoes wrestling contest? Oh if I live a lot closer…..


    Kellie Love

    Come on in and see us ladies for Thanksgiving. You will definitely be very thankful you came indeed! (Of, the puns I have included in this!…haha)

    Nude mashed potato wresting….followed by a slip and slide with cranberry dressing maybe? Oh the possibilities!





    DO the ladies look good with food covering them?

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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