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    Karli Brooks – 8 Years In The Making

    8 years ago I made my first visit to Sheri’s Ranch and, under the tutelage of Dex and Deadpool, had a beautiful time, a few well negotiated parties, and a start to something I had no idea how far it would go. As the early years would play out, not everything always went as well, however whatever would happen would always be at least a learning experience and in the end I always left with a high level of satisfaction from each trip. This is the story of one such learning experience:

    On that first trip 8 years ago in February 2005, I noticed Karli Brooks, then working under a different name, and was rather taken by her. However, based on appearance, I figured Karli would be way out of my league so I never even approached her. I was speaking with a friend that was with me at the time and based on what he said, I also thought maybe it would be better if I pursue someone else.

    Over the years, I’ve made some mistakes due to being green in negotiations, letting my nerves get to me, etc. Also, over the years I learned that the old adages “Don’t judge a book by its cover” or “Don’t believe everything you hear”, etc. apply here as well. As I would take chances with other ladies, asking for what I wanted in a party, doing things outside my comfort zone, and using the imaginative side of my brain, I continued to be curious about Karli Brooks.

    About two trips ago, while on vacation by myself, I found another opportunity, while in Sheri’s sports bar by myself, to ask for Karli Brooks to join me at my table. As she did, I felt very comfortable with her calm, warm, gentle presence… that of a kindred spirit. I was also able to talk to her about what I was reading on that trip, what she was reading, about a brothel coin she was featured on – and helped her to find where she could get one, and various other topics. What happened next was very rewarding to me, a few times after chatting with the lovely Karli, when she came into the sports bar, she came over, sat down, and continued to talk to me about what we had been discussing earlier, telling me about information she had learned in the meantime in some cases.

    As I prepared for this trip, I wanted to do something special for some of the ladies including Karli so I thought about what she might like and brought a gift for her. As I got to see her and sit and talk with her again, she was her usual gentile warm smiling self that I had come to recognize.

    About mid-trip, I asked her back to her room and took a little bit of a back seat as Karli asked a question or two then explained what type of party she usually does. She was extremely effective in letting one know what direction she likes to take a party in, what she likes and what lines you may not cross; the things she doesn’t like. The funny thing is, the party she described is EXACTLY what I was going to ask her for, it was so uncanny, I can’t even begin to say how much I was smiling inside at the irony of it all. We then negotiated a price for the party, and I will definitely say I was very comfortable going into our activities.

    Karli is fun, attentive, gentile, and cute as a button. I was so relaxed after that party I ended up resting not just once but twice, first by retiring to my room and the second, since I was a hotel guest, by lounging in the outside courtyard. So, if Karli catches your eye, if you’re curious, go talk to her, it might work out better than you think…



    I’ve had the pleasure of 5’2″ petite Karli Brook’s intimate company on two separate occasions and I can truly state they were fabulous experiences!
    Karli is one of the most beautiful, intelligent, sophisticated, romantic, amiable and ultra-feminine Courtesans you’ll ever meet anywhere! In addition, she’s a very accomplished pool player.
    I hope to spend special time together with Karli on my next SR trip! I guarantee any client will have a fabulous time with Karli!
    BTW, I bought silver Brothel Tokens for myself, Ashlee and Karli from Silver State Tokens. They are really nice coins honoring SR Courtesans, other LPIN Ladies and Brothels! http://brothelcollectors.com/cgi-bin/p/awtp-product-category.cgi?d=the-money-company&pc=7513

    Karli Brooks Official Page Reviews, Photo Albums, Schedule, Profile and Stats: http://www.sherisranch.com/lady.aspx?id=108

    Karli Brooks Miss Spring Break: http://newblog.sherisranch.com/forums/topic/karli-brooks-is-enshrined-on-miss-spring-break-sheris-ranch-brothel-token/



    Karli was added to my repeat list this past trip. The party was everything that the first was. I really like and find her calm demeanor refreshing for when I am ready to slow things down a bit.

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