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    Everyone who has ever been to a brothel knows that anything and everything can be negotiated. this goes for everything! Those courtesans that know me are aware I dont like condoms. I have an allergy to latex and the natural rubber is just awful. I have been STD tested in NV and I am willing to be tested again is the lady requests it. Now I pay for the testing at the house by the house DR and wait for results (usually nest day) and then I pay handsomely for the privilege of bare sex (I have been refused many times but I still have a few cuties I like to see)

    On social media like this the courtesans are restricted as to what they can say or admit. I have know most everyone to go above and beyond to make a customer happy. This can mean as little as adding an extra few minutes to allow a customer to complete an act to accepting a new customer a taste of what is available (very small fee, and usually a quickie) with hope customer will stick around and play more and longer.

    Several courtesans will party with customers and even get drunk in the bar, (I have even known a few to buy a round for everyone in the bar). Bars with stripper poles often do not have anyone dancing on them fully naked. in fact most are never used while topless.

    So based on what I have said can anyone recommend anyone at Sheri’s Ranch that might be willing to entertain me if I choose to visit? By the way I have tried making this offer to Chicken Ranch but my mail keeps coming back, Are they closed?



    Condom use is required by law.

    You should always practice safe sex.


    I’d like to inform you as a girl with a latex allergy there are non latex condoms and female condoms which are made from Nitrile. The same medical grade nitrile that is used to make doctors exam gloves. Female condoms also are amazing because they offer protection against STDs and pregnancy while giving the man that “bare” feeling.



    So far no brothel I have been too has mentioned this, I am guessing because they dont have any in stock?


    I keep my own stock. At Sheri’s we are responsible for purchasing our own condoms and barriers.


    Amber Lynn

    @like2party Have you ever visited Sheri’s? The beauty of working and/or playing at a legal brothel is that it is 100% safe! As mentioned prior there are various ways to accommodate latex allergy, that do no include getting a lady intoxicated to further enhance your chances of “keeping the customer happy.” The ladies at Sheri’s are all beautiful an highly intelligent women. We hold ourselves to a certain standard and I am a bit taken back when you implied that any legal courtesan would jeopardize her own health as well as the health of her special friends to accommodate such a request.

    @pierced I agree! It is so important to practice safe sex!


    Kimmy D

    I agree 100% you should always enjoy safe sex ESPECIALLY as a legal courtesan. I enjoy the luxury of being able to play here and live out virtually any sexual fantasy without having to EVER worry about contracting anything. I feel that we have mastered the art of fulfilling desire without putting ourselves at risk.

    I would think that if you had a latex allergy that you would have done a little research on alternative methods of protection. If you stop to think about it, the protection is not only for her. If a girl is doing that with you, what makes you think that she is not doing it with others!?!?

    My advice to anyone who would like “bare” service from a Professional girl and she agrees, Run For The Hills!



    Over the years Things have evolved, I grew hateful of condoms and because of that I decided to go without. As a result I have given up many beautiful ladies who normally I would never have the chance to be with. and maybe it is time for me to rethink my hatred, if someone can help me? But I will draw the line at condoms for cunnilingus!! oh that just does not feel or seem right.

    Amber I never said anything about getting a lady intoxicated to get a better chance of a party! I have know many to party in the bars with customers or prospective customers and some ladies have even purchased a round for everyone in the bar. (maybe the ladies are trying to get the customers intoxicated??


    Kimmy D

    Like2party, you are beginning to think in the right direction. However you should know that condoms Are Mandatory Here at Sheri’s. 🙂 come here and we will show you how to have a GREAT time while being safe.


    Charina Lee

    Condoms, like everything else, have certainly come a long way…..MMMMM…..come a long way….I like the sound of that!

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