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    Does anyone besides me think that the courtesan, Kim, looks like Kim Kardashian?

    Every time I look at Kim’s pictures, she definitely looks like the female celebrity. I say that because:

    1. hairstyle
    2. hair color
    3. body size



    Sorry, but I think Kim Kardashian is a total fraud and fake whose 2 seconds of fame should have been up long time ago.

    But as for Sheri’s Kim…. she’s hot and on a long to do list.



    Kim is hot! I’d say yes a hotter Asian Kim maybe 🙂


    Willie A

    The ladies at sheri’s are all hotter than KK



    Kim, Kourtney or Khloé Kardashian, Paris Hilton and the rest of these untalented socialites don’t impress me in the least. They are wannabe celebrities that demand undeserved fame or notoriety. I don’t think any of these women are exceptionally pretty either.

    Our real celebrities and exceptionally gorgeous Ladies are our Courtesans of LPIN! Our Courtesans are famous in the brothel industry and they’re our Lady friends too. In addition, these professional Courtesans are our part-time lovers too!




    You can’t really be serious with that post, can you? I respect the ladies at Sheri’s, and other brothels, but I don’t put anyone on a pedestal, or liken them to celebrities. Legal brothel prostitution in Nevada, is just that, one state. Your post, to me, read like a teenager wrote it after watching that joke of a show Cathouse then starting fan clubs to pay women for sex.

    I appreciate your enthusiasm, but lets keep our heads about us and be consistent shall we.



    Yes, I’m serious, but it may have been somewhat of a lighthearted exaggeration. I’m a Sheri’s Ranch Forum moderator and part of my duties are to stimulate interest in Sheri’s Ranch and our Courtesans.

    The people I listed are NOT celebrities in the true sense. They are not credible movie stars and have no accomplishments to justify being put on a pedestal. None of us on this board will ever have the opportunity to even have a personal conversation with them because we’re not part of their circle. Their only claim to fame is that they have money.

    It doesn’t matter that LPIN is limited to Nevada because clients visit Sheri’s Ranch from other countries. Sheri’s Courtesans may not be on the National news, but they reply to posts on this Forum and are available at Sheri’s Ranch. Forum members may communicate with them on this board, twitter or by email too. Our Sheri’s Ranch Courtesans are our VIP personalities and we may have personal conversations with them, and we can party with them at Sheri’s Ranch too. There have been two Sheri’s Ranch Courtesans that were voted Courtesan of the Year, Destini and Envy, and they are truly LPIN celebrities!

    WARNING: Derogatory remarks are not allowed on this board. Your “teenager” comment was totally inappropriate. Continual abuse will result in disciplinary action. We do not allow troll activity on this board. Members may disagree with another member, but they must stick to the facts without belittling anyone! Sheri’s Ranch Forum members must be respectful to one another without exception!




    It looks like I touched a nerve, I didn’t mean to. I had no idea you were that sensitive, and to give me a warning to boot? I take exception to your comments about derogatory remarks and trolling. I said your post read like a teenager; I did not call you a teenager. I’m unclear as to the trolling innuendo. I created a post to share my opinion, I did not think that was against the rules. I did not launch a personal attack, flame war, or any of the sort, I simply stated an opinion. A healthy debate is good sometimes if kept clean of ugliness. That’s all I was trying to do. If you can’t handle a healthy debate, or an opinion that is opposite of yours, you may be to sensitive for your title.

    If you choose to view this post as derogatory, or trolling, that is on you. I would encourage you to get a couple of different opinions, I’m sure not all would agree with you. If you want to toss me from this forum, I would be happy to explain to Sheri’s, Dena, et al, that I no longer feel my average of 25 parties/year are welcome.



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    We encourage members to post stating an opinion or debate on Sheri’s Forums but it must be completely objective. When a statement or post is argumentative, demeaning, sowing discord, upsetting people, off topic, insulting or inflammatory it depicts troll activity whether it was intended or not. It’s fine to disagree on the Forums but members must present their point of view in an inoffensive and polite manner.

    Your “teenager” comment was offensive and degrading and served to ridicule me personally in order to discredit my statement. You’re playing with words if you’re trying to say my post “read like a teenager wrote it” wasn’t a derogatory comment against me personally, because I composed the post. The implication is there and it can’t be viewed in any other manner. This is regarded as an unethical debating tactic and unacceptable on our Forums, because it serves to degrade the poster rather than present another unbiased point of view.

    I’m not overly sensitive but there is zero tolerance on our board for this type of posting because we don’t want our Forums to become like another well-known rogue message board. I’m the moderator and it’s my obligation to make sure this doesn’t occur. Numerous members are reluctant to post on the other offensive posting and troll friendly board for fear of personal attacks or unfair criticism; we won’t allow abusive posting on these Forums because we don’t want members to feel intimidated to post. This is my moderator decision and that concludes the discussion, since I’m firm on this point without any leniency or favoritism.

    We appreciate clients’ business at Sheri’s Ranch but they must still be objective, respectful and polite posters on the Forums without offending, harassing, defaming or ridiculing any other member. Forum members are encouraged to follow the Golden Rule that basically states a person must treat others in the respectful manner that they desire to be treated in return.

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