Limo question.

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    When visiting many say to just drive out yourself and not use the limo as that adds price to your party. Question, if you were going to rent a car just for the drive to the ranch and back, would it still make financial sense to pay to rent a car for one day or would it be better to use the limo in that circumstance?



    Rent a car. Even if you are
    driving out for a one hour



    That works if you are able to drive. After a Good party you may not be up for the long drive back and want to relax instead.



    This is always a tough question…

    We usually don’t talk too much about the behind the scenes financial arrangements in any sense here at the Ranch. There are definitely benefits and disadvantages to both taking the limos and renting a car for your sexual endeavors.

    When renting a car, you don’t have to wait for the driver to arrive to bring you out or to return you to your pick up location. You can feel free to relax and visit with the lovely lady or ladies of your choice and don’t have to feel as if you are imposing upon the driver’s time by taking your time. The wonderful tip that you may share with the driver may be used for your additional enjoyment with a lady. All benefits that far outweigh the hassles of driving through Vegas traffic to arrive happily at our Fantasyland!

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    Definitely rent a car. It’s a beautiful drive, anyway. I rented an Audi last time I was there, and I had a blast driving the car from Vegas to Pahrump.



    Driving out to Pahrump during rush hours is not that pleasant.



    Um…there’s not really a Rush hour in Pahrump…it’s a pretty small town. Have you ever driven out here Flint?



    Sorry Allissa I mean the rush hour starting from downtown Vegas and immediate suburbs.



    Rush hour in Pahrump. Could you imagine! haha



    I see Flint, yes there can be traffic certain times of the day in Vegas, as is traffic anywhere. I still think getting a rental is an easy task 🙂 beautiful drive



    The drive is scenic from the hills/mountains to Pahrump.



    Yes it is Flint 🙂 I know some people like to stop at red rock Canyon for pictures or a small hike on the way. It’s gorgeous!



    I have stopped before the mountains(blocking LV lights) at night, just to look at the stars in the clear sky.



    I would definitely rent a car. The cost will be less than $100 per day, but that will still be cheaper than negotiating a party as a Limo client.

    I have driven the 60 mile one-way trip from Las Vegas to Pahrump over 50 times and the traffic is never extremely bad, but I’m used to Los Angeles area traffic that is horrible. It’s only two lane in most parts, but it only takes less that an hour. However, watch your speed in reduced speed areas because the Clark County Sheriff will readily ticket speeders. Once you cross the county line into Nye County the Nye County Sheriff isn’t quite as bad but they won’t tolerate excessive speed either.

    Take HWY160 west from Las Vegas to Pahrump. Turn left on Manse and then left again on Homestead Road, or for another route take HWY160 west and turn left on Homestead Road to the dead end where Sheri’s Ranch is located.



    I just learned that the limo company is really expensive.

    I wanted to choose that way of transportation. But, it is not worth it.

    If we want to spend less money, we have no choice but to rent a car. Another option is hiring someone to direct or drive you back and forth to Sheri’s Ranch and Las Vegas Airport (LAS).



    I have a doubt if I have plans only to stay in Sheri hotel rooms/suite and enjoy the resort.Not indulging in a party with a courtesan then taking the free limo will be good option.
    Isnt it?

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    saurabhindian- Hmmmm, well first off it has never occurred to me to stay there, and NOT party! 🙂 Honestly, if you subtracted all the beautiful women and my favorite bartender, Marci, I doubt I would stay there at all. Let’s just say I go there for a reason, and it ain’t the pool! LOL In my opinion if you are looking to enjoy a “resort”, you’d be better served at any one of dozens of properties in Vegas.

    I’ve never used the Sheri’s limo, but it’s assumed that if you take the ride, that you intend to party. I’m not sure what happens if a patron decides not to party after using the limo service, but at the very least I’ll bet they would not be pleased…especially if you are also then staying at the hotel. Maybe Ranchmama will chime in with the policy on that.

    Realize that, like with any sort of enterprise, customers get offered perks/discounts/upgrades based on the business they bring in. They are happy to hook you up if you’re spending money there, but they aren’t in the business of providing free shuttles to/from Pahrump.

    Up to you, but I would call that Poor Form…don’t do it.




    Ride the limo to Sheri’s and not party?
    It’s a long walk back to Vegas!

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