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    Big LA Dodger Fan

    I am a Prostate Cancer survivor and in fact my 69th birthday coincides with the 2nd Anniversery of my final radiation treatment. My PSA is now 0.01 and I think my Prostate is now entitled to some loving and I plan to have several Prostate Massages during my eleven days at The RANCH. (Wow, how much do I love saying “my eleven days at The RANCH!”) Perhaps as significantly I will be bringing Anal Beads and a Butt Plug so that in this specific order I pray Sasha, Cassie, Brittney and the ex-Marine Erin OOH-RAH will “Pop my Anal Cherry.” MMMMMMM, how much do I like saying that?!



    Big LA Dodger Fan,
    You won’t be disappointed because there are 32 regularly scheduled Sheri’s Ranch Courtesans that offer prostate massage or pegging.



    Without highjacking the thread, how could your PSA be at .01


    Big LA Dodger Fan

    No problem Flint, it is important for men to share information about Prostate Cancer. I am not a Doctor and all I know is that my Radiation Oncologist told me he would kill the cancer and pretty quickly after the 43 treatments my PSA was 0.05 and by about six months it was 0.02. It sat there for about a year. Because I am a Type II Diabetic, I have a Blood Draw every three months and my last lab result showed the PSA I noted. Basically the cancer is a dead as the proverbial “doornail” and there are no Prostate Specific Antigens in my bloodstream.

    I told my RO that my image of him and his staff was he is a Sheriff who with his Posse and their hugh “Ray Gun” ride around killing cancer. LOL

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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