Montana: Just Back…And Having Email Problems, LOL!

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    Hello All,

    I just wanted to get on here and make a quick shout out to those who are awaiting emails. I have been trying to access my Outlook account but the wind here in Pahrump sometimes causes connection problems. So throughout the evening and the next few days; however long it may take for the system to allow me to, I will be answering everyone who has sent me communications throughout my last month away.

    My scheduled dates for pleasure during this trip are from tomorrow April 9th through Monday April 22nd. Please feel free to contact the office to make an appointment if I am not able to answer your emails before you may be wanting to head in!

    And thank you for working through the technological and environmental issues created by living in the stormy, windy, desert…

    Montana's 2017 Dates for Desire

    May 9 - 15
    June 13 - 26

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    Dear Montana,
    I know that all the Ladies are having continual problems with their Sheri’s Ranch email, since they have all complained about the problematic Sheri’s Ranch resort companies email system. All Courtesans should have their own anonymous email address that could be monitored and accessed from anywhere, since it would be much more efficient for replying to clients and communicating with Sheri’s Ranch management. I know that Sheri’s Ranch previously prohibited Courtesans having laptop computers with wireless Internet at Sheri’s Ranch, but now everyone has Smart phones, iPhones, Blackberry phones etc, so they can no longer control it. The brothel next door has a Wi-Fi system requiring no password for the Ladies, Management and Clients, since I have logged onto it on several occasions although the signal is weak. It’s a definite disadvantage to both Sheri’s Ranch and the Ladies to be shackled to this archaic company email system needlessly. Sheri’s must become acclimated to the 21st century of modern communication techniques, and have a little faith in their Independent Contractor Courtesans.



    Dear Montana,
    Wow, this new Forum is great, NOT; I intended to Edit this post but no link appeared… again! Can we shit can this new abominable system and reinstate the old Forum that actually functioned reliably? BTW, I’ve continually been informed that Sheri’s Ranch Ladies are “Independent Contractors”, but with all these rules and restrictions one might think Courtesans are Sheri’s Ranch “Employees” rather than “Independent Contractors”; however, if Courtesans were Sheri’s Ranch “Employees” management would be required to provide Health Insurance, Paid Vacations, Paid Holidays and possibly a Retirement Plan. OK, I see the light, Courtesans are definitely “Independent Contractors” due to this corporate dilemma. Maybe Courtesan Independent Contractors need a representation association? After all, it’s the oldest profession in history, but yet Courtesans still have no employment benefits, defense alliance or negotiating leverage. I believe human rights are federally mandated today and Courtesans must not be exempted, since this would constitute discrimination of their profession and the Ladies individually.

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