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    Dearest Hal, our new software program, This is not a duplicate post as you have asserted multiple times. You seemingly can’t get it up the first time. Not good for software used for brothel purposes, at the very least you can get it up the first time. When at the ranch I get it up multiple times with little effort. Perhaps a little Viagra or something significantly similar might help. Perhaps there is a program Aaron can upload ( it appears download is an issue for you) that will help you keep it up.

    Many of us have grown weary of your lack of abilities……so FOR GOD SAKE FIGURE IT OUT!!!!



    Mr. Gudgeon If I recall correctly you revealed yourself to hail from Austrailia???

    Yes I am and things are so different one of the girls I see has become a very dear friend and we share some very interment moments

    Thank you for the response.

    Your answer begs this question.

    Understanding that prostitution is legal in your country, with two separate sets of metrics, why did you travel all the way to the US to experience LPIN??? Which was an unknown entity to you.

    Being in your shoes I appreciate the more casual, relaxed and unconstrained approach of the land downunder!!!!

    Not only would you have the hometown advantage but I would think you would have, at the very least, a parochial understanding of the turf unlike walking into LPIN a bona fide neophyte.

    Please note I’m not implying that you aren’t or wouldn’t be welcome at Sheri’s or any other LPIN house or LPIN territory but it seems your approach was more than a little regressive which are in line with your claims and posts.

    Clue Me.

    My Best,


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