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    Lovely ladies one and all,
    Always make feel ten feet tall,
    Sheris is the place to go to,
    These heavenly angels will take care of you,

    Doing what they can to make a buck,
    They will definitely give you some good…………….LUCK, 😉
    Despite what they do they are truly ladies,
    With good manners and a smile you they will please,

    Respect and treated right is all they ask for,
    Look after them and you’ll be begging for more,
    Skin so soft and tasting so divine,
    they can always sit on this tongue of mine,

    Please and thank you always remember to say,
    And never complain about what you have to pay,
    They are worth it ten time over for sure,
    Not to go rob a bank so I can go back for more 🙂

    Their perfect beauty will have you in a trace,
    Their heavenly voices will make your heart dance,
    These ladies are surely dreams come true,
    What ever your type theirs one there for you,

    All so different but so special in their own way,
    All so happy for you to visit and play,
    Everything there that you can expect,
    But use you brain and show constant respect.

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