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    I have to share an experience. I have an upcoming trip to Las Vegas. I had intended to visit the ranch during my trip. To that end, I contacted one of the ladies to talk about my needs and to set up an appointment. I was very open and honest in writing to her, because this visit had special meaning to me, and I wanted her to understand my mindset as well as my needs. I heard from her a couple of times, the second being just before she left the ranch for a while. I expected to hear back from her once she got back to the ranch, but I never did. With a heavy heart, I have decided not to visit the ranch.

    My purpose in telling my story is twofold. First, I just needed to get it off my chest. Second, I think it’s important to understand that for some of the people who want to visit the ranch, their intentions run deeper than simply satisfying themselves physically. They need the special skills and sensitivities you ladies offer. Please be mindful of this, especially when it’s apparent that you’re dealing with such a person.



    I’m sorry to hear about your decision, I think it maybe something you can reconsider. There are many things that can factor in to why your email was not returned after she arrived. We only have 4 computers to share with 25 ladies at a time. We can only answer emails from those computers. Just like all technology occasionally there are technical issues and we can not log in, this could take days to fix. When we first get to the ranch it is often hard to get to the computers after unpacking and winding down to get comfortable at the ranch, the next day comes and we are on the floor and spending most of our time in the bar. If we happen to get busy for awhile this makes it even harder to get back to the computer room to answer emails. Another possibility is an emergency came up and maybe the girl had to leave early and didn’t have time to do any emails. Finally we do get TONs of spam a day and it can be real hard to sort through real mail and we could accidentally delete an unread email. I am speaking all of this from personal experience and I am guilty of all these faults. I wouldn’t take it that personal and try sending another email to make sure she is ok and got your last email. Emails can be the hardest to follow through and I’m sure she would appreciate if you reconsider. I hope my input helped ๐Ÿ™‚



    Mr Jazz,

    That is definitely a bummer! Sorry you let that ruin your trip, because I agree with Alissa that it was most likely a matter of the lady being busy or unable to return your message. I’m sure that can feel like a bit of a rejection, but I wouldn’t take it that way.

    If you still can, I say go anyway! Book an appointment with the office, if you still believe there is some chemistry or understanding with that lady…or go and strike up a conversation with another. My experience is that most of the women at Sheri’s are uncommonly kind and understanding, and work with all sorts of special “needs” on a daily basis. So I’d be surprised if someone else there couldn’t also take care of you, in the event your first choice was unavailable.

    But keep in mind, that although it seems like these wonderful women are sitting there all day, every day, waiting just for YOU to show up (and indeed, sometimes they are!), there may be any number of reasons, that have nothing to do with you, that could keep the women from responding to emails right away…so give them the benefit of the doubt, and chalk it up to a lost communication.

    Best of luck!




    Hello Jazz Singer,

    Do not assume a lady does not want to meet with you, even if you did not receive a response to your most recent email. All the reasons Allissa and YB stated are correct. The Sheri’s Ranch email system is notorious for technical glitches. I once emailed a lady expressing a desire to meet her and did not receive a reply until after I had already visited the Ranch returned to my home. I had assumed she was not interested, so I did not ask for her while I was at the Ranch. She explained, even apologized, that she did not receive my email for more than two weeks after it was sent. She hoped I was not offended and had a good time with another lady at the Ranch. I did enjoy my visit, but I wish I had also met this lady, who is no longer at the Ranch.

    The ladies at the Ranch are skilled professional, adult entertainers. They are very empathetic and want you to have a good experience. If the lady you desire is not available, talk to the hostesses. They will help you find a lady to fulfill your needs.

    Best regards,



    Mr TP, how are you sir?

    I was about to post a thread here to give you a shout out, but saw your post. Hope all is well by you my friend! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Sorry, didn’t mean to hijack your thread Jazz, but do give the opportunity for a visit another chance, I’m sure things will work out.

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    Allissa your explanation about the email system is helpful. Shouldn’t the management do something to improve the reliablity and accessability of emails?



    Allissa basically explained it perfectly. but another thing to take into consideration is that most of us live across the country or at least out of state so there is always a possibility travel plans have changed or something came up in her personal life where she had to change her Sheri’s schedule. I had a problem where Spirit airlines completely canceled my flight and other airlines cost thousands for short notice so I had to cancel my entire trip. Things happen! Like most here have said, don’t take it personal. <3




    What the others have said is true. Sheri’s Courtesans can only access their Sheri’s Ranch email while physical at the brothel. There are only 4 house computers so the 24 Ladies must wait their turn. When the system is down which frequently occurs, Courtesans cannot respond to clients. Occasionally a Courtesan may overlook an email or accidentally delete one if that email is delivered to their spam folder. Also, the Courtesans are very busy after arriving at Sheri’s Ranch for their scheduled time period. In addition, the Courtesans must spend part of their shift in the bar available to party. Finally, Courtesans must respond to many other clients’ emails too.

    It’s difficult to make a connection through email, and it’s better to meet the Ladies in person to instill that romantic chemistry. I usually stay at the Sheri’s Ranch hotel for several day to allow sufficient time to flirt with the Courtesans and select my lover. A complimentary Sheri’s Ranch Hotel room certificate is available for each minimum amount party and almost all parties qualify for this benefit.

    Most of the Courtesans are twitter members so you might try that communications method. Some of their accounts are as follows:
    Allissa โ€@allissa4you
    Amber Lynn โ€@am_fabulous
    Angelica โ€@Angelicascottx
    Ashlee at Sheriโ€™s โ€@SurfsUpAshlee
    Baby Doll @babyy_dolll
    Brittney Ryder โ€@BrittneyRyder
    Cassiebo โ€@Cassiebo1
    Charina Lee @audino_lee
    Destini โ€@sweetdestini
    Emma โ€@EmmaVictoria_
    Erin Oโ€™Hara @sheri_erin
    Eva Morales โ€@Cortigiana_Eva
    HerRoyalHighne$$ @LadyASpanks
    Joy โ€@SherisJoy
    Karli Brooks โ€@KarliBrooksXXX
    Kimmy D @_NaughtyBlonde
    Kimmy D @kimmydchicago
    Lady Char โ€@TheLadyChar
    Liv โ€@Liv_B23
    Logan Rose โ€@LoganRose_
    Michelle Lai โ€@MichelleLai_xo
    Montana โ€@BlueEyedMontana
    Naughty Tatyana @naughtytatyana
    Phoenix โ€@SensualPhoenix
    Rain @nymphoRAINiac
    Red Diamonds @1Red_Diamonds
    Riley @sexyriley01
    RussianSarainNV โ€@RussianSarainNV
    Shiloh Renae โ€@ShilohRenae
    Suzanne โ€@SultrySuzanne
    Tiffany Hilton @TiffanyHiltonxx
    Twitter allissa4you@yahoo.com



    As someone whose trying to research before visiting, this thread has been very helpful! If only I could just snap my fingers and find myself in Nevada like that!



    Don’t you wish we could click our heels like Dorothy @shyguy? I do!
    Thanks for sharing the info firefighter!


    Eva M

    JazzSinger I understand you’re disappointed but like everyone who has responded to your story, I say donโ€™t take it persona and donโ€™t give up. Sheriโ€™s is full of lovely ladies and just like in the real world, when things donโ€™t turn out the way you wanted them to, you can and should always try again. Who knows, you could end up with a better match once you try again. Stay positive and stay in touch.


    Eva M

    Firefighter thanks so much for always providing such helpful inputs. I wanted to return the favor and provide you with a few of the twitter accounts that I have available.
    Audrey Allen @Audreyvegas1
    Akira @Akira_Soprano
    callie @YungTender_
    Chloe @chloepistol
    Dena @RanchMamaDena (Sheโ€™s not a Courtesan but you should still follow her)
    Ellie @RomanianEllie
    Eve Adame @Eve_Sephora
    Gigi @gigi_tomomi
    Juna @Juna_Honey
    kim @kim_sheris
    Myssi Jane @Myssi_Jane
    Shay @TheDonnaJuan
    Sheris Ranch Brothel @SherisBrothel

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    I can honestly say that every lady I’ve interacted with at Sheri’s is exceptional. Alissa and Eva are stellar ladies and are among my most highly recommended people to know. I understand that walking in cold can be intimidating and building rapport beforehand can break the ice a bit. However, we all know life is what happens when you are busy making other plans. Hopefully, you’ll not let small obstacles like this stop you in the future and visit the ranch in person next time you are in town.


    Angel Parr

    All of us girls are different, and everyone deserves the benefit of the doubt at least once. We get a lot of emails and sometimes it can be hard to keep track of them all, even though we do our very best, sometimes one or two may fall through the cracks, esp. when we leave for a bit and return. I highly doubt that you where intentionally stood up my dear, and I’m sure if you do decide to send her another email explaining how you felt then she will be more then willing to make it up to you. In either case, if she did ignore you on purpose then we still have many very beautiful and understanding ladies who would love to give you a very personal party, so don’t give up! Not everything can always be perfect but we can all work with imperfections that only make us human, and if you give up before you try then you can never succeed…

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