National Hug Day!

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    So, I just found out that (what’s left of) today is “NATIONAL HUG DAY“…

    Which means there is still time left to find that “special someone”, walk up to him/her, give that person a great, BIG hug…

    And not let go 😉 until “National Hug Day” is officially over… or until they pass out (just kidding) ;-)!

    P.S.: I also found out that July 6th is “WORLD KISS DAY” 🙂 and…
    June 9th is “NATIONAL SEX DAY” (when you think about it… it kind of makes sense… June 9th 😉 ;-)!)

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    Angel Parr

    Lol That is awesome!! Im a bit sad that I missed it, so i will give every person I see a hug today as a belated celebration!! LOL

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