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    Hello. I’m a first timer. I was wondering would any Courtesans freak if they saw a black guy? I know a lot girls/escorts have a “no black men” rule. Also would any of the Courtesans make a big deal if a guy has some body hair?

    Would hate to be turned down over these two factors.

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    hoochie coochie man

    Well I think one of the ladies can answer this question better, and I’m sure one of them will. But I suspect that some of the ladies, perhaps many of them, have certain clients on their no-fly list: no old guys, no fat guys, and some of them may not do black guys. But I think it is safe to say that most of the ladies do not discriminate much, if any, on their client list. Heck, if they will do an ugly old guy like me, why would they exclude anybody. Barnes I think you have nothing to worry about. Go to Sheri’s, it’s a great place, you will have a great time.



    Barnes I cannot see any problem merely because you are not Causcasian. hoochie makes a good point that if they let me in, you should have no problem.

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    I don’t think any of the ladies would freak, I have seen all types of men & women walk in the bar. As far as body hair, just don’t go in looking like Chewbacca and you shouldn’t have an issue.



    no lady will kiss a Wookie?



    LOL chewbacca. Well I personally don’t discriminate but each lady has their preference. You can always email the lady of your choice and start a dialogue to express your concerns. And yes, as long as you are well groomed and not a wookie then you will be fine my dear.

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