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    Tag Green

    Hiya there
    I am planning to go to vegas in nov and thinking of hitting the ranch. Being a newbie I have few questions if you can answer patiently

    1) I am a shy person initially. Will I be at ease when visiting the ranch?

    2) Do the beautiful ranch ladies refuse to offer services to east indian?

    3) I like big breasts (not too big though). Want to check if any ladies who fall into this category?

    4) I love DATY, DATY, DATY, BBBJ, doggy, DFK. Should these be negotiated with the lovely lady?

    5) Are there any naturals who fall into 3?

    6) This is least important but, do anyone of the ladies offer greek islands? I am little bit scared because I heard thats how HIV can start.

    Appreciate the patience and throw those smiles at me ladies 🙂



    Tag Green,

    1) Sheri’s Courtesans are skilled at making newbies feel very comfortable, so you should be completely relaxed in a matter of minutes.

    2) There is no discrimination of any kind practiced at Sheri’s Ranch.

    3) You may browse “This Weeks Lineup” and “Scheduled Ladies coming soon” for Courtesans that appeal to you.

    4) Sheri’s Ranch does not approve of DFK because it is too invasive and there would be a risk of Sheri’s Courtesans acquiring Herpes, Hepatitis or Tuberculosis. Doggy style sex is a popular position for Courtesans and clients alike. Sheri’s Ranch Courtesans do not offer BBBJ or DATY without a dental dam. Proper protection is required according to Nevada statute.

    5) Yes, there are several Sheri’s Courtesans that have natural big breasts that you may find on the same links above.

    6) Some of the Courtesans cater to anal sex but only with a condom. You may Search Sheri’s Ladies for what she caters to:


    Tag Green

    Thanks firefighter. I have seen lotsa posts from you and it really helps newbie like me a lot. I searched on the interests I have, I see three ladies Amber Lynn, Mandi Love, Ellie are coming up along with other beautiful ladies. Hopefully I can get to know them a little more better and reserve with one for first time and go from there.



    What is a dental dam? I don’t know what these acronyms stand for, please help!


    Amber Lynn

    @Tag Green
    1. No need to be nervous or shy, we only bite when necessary! LOL!it helps to contact a lady you are interested in prior to your visit in order to build a rapport.

    2. Not at all!

    3. The best way to narrow down us sexy well endowed ladies is to check our profiles out on the website.

    4. All activities and expectations should be discussed before the party begins during the negotiations. Keep in mind Sheri’s is a legal and safe establishment, thus everything is protected!

    5. I proudly fall into the fabulously natural category! Woo woo!

    6. That is a very special party, that not all of us offer.

    When do you plan on visiting? Email me so we can chat a bit more…

    A dental dam is a small thin piece of latex (that typically comes in various colors and/or flavors), used for oral pleasure! Although, some of us ladies prefer to use suran wrap instead.

    Amber Lynn

    May 19 - June 8
    June 30 - July 20
    July 28 - August 15
    August 25 - September 15
    October 6 - 20



    Another thread might be big natural versus enhanced breasts.



    Have may date picked the end of January .. So many beautiful ladies to pick from , kinda hard to pick just one , I know I’m doing the ultimate sex vacation but the price says from 2100 to like 3200 I belive . What’s the difference ? It says you get a 2000 voucher just curious



    Perhaps you can call the office for further clarification?

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