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    Whether you’re a cabin boy, a college boy, a wolf boy, a farm boy, a golden boy, a mamma’s boy, a whipping boy, an office boy, a bok choy, the hoi polloi, the real McCoy, a back room boy, an errand boy, or an alter boy
    this woman will be your Helen of Troy.

    If you’re a chairman, an airman, a congressman, a caveman, a delivery man, a doberman, an anchorman, a backwoodsman, an everyman, a boogeyman, an Alabaman, an alderman,
    or just a male
    who wants to play a significant role
    in the life of this particular female,
    Joy will make you feel ten feet tall.

    Joy has said some of the funniest things I’ve ever heard.
    She’ll be the Bananas Jubilee in your Neapolitan.
    And she is full of wisdom.
    She said women are the most powerful force on earth
    -think of child birth!
    And I swear,
    Joy could pull a train up Mount Charleston
    with her pubic hair.

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    Tatyana thank you for your write up of me.

    I could not have put it in better words other then a cunt hair no matter how short can pull a train anywhere lol……we love what we do and it shows and our partners know how hot and exciting it is to be with us. Its a well keep secret but not for long…….lol…. we are willing and ready anytime of day or night..

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    I wish this would let me edit “alter boy” to “altar boy.” Dear Evil Blog Master, will you please wave your wand and allow me to edit my own posts. Thank you, Tatyana

    Although, “alter boy” is kind of kinky.

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    It would be good if we could all edit our own posts.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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