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    I know this has question might have been asked before, but is getting a HJ and or BJ consider cheating if you are in a relationship?


    Mr. Incredible

    The answer in my opinion is pretty obvious. How would you feel knowing your girlfriend/wife got eaten out or fingered by an attractive guy? If you can include your girlfriend/wife and she wants to be in a threesome, maybe not. But it depends on how much action you’re showing Sheri’s Ranch ladies as opposed to your girlfriend/wife. Otherwise why stay in the relationship unless you allow her to do the same thing that you want to do.


    Eva M

    Great question Triplejs25… I agree with Mr. Incredible. Honesty is always the best policy, especially if you’re in an open relationship in which both people can do as they please.



    If a man gets a BJ or HJ from a Lady different from the person with whom he’s involved in a relationship, it may not technically be cheating if they have a permissive arrangement that allows intimate sexual contact with other partners.

    However, if one partner in a relationship has any kind of intimate sexual contact with a third person that they must conceal from their partner, then it would be considered cheating.

    In addition, masturbation might be considered cheating because that partner is depriving their significant other of a sexual activity in which they are engaging unless they requested their involvement.

    Although, one of our former presidents got a BJ in the oval office and said he never had SEX with that woman, but he obviously never heard it referred to as oral SEX even though he was an attorney. 😉



    I think it really depends on you, and your partner, and your joint interpretation of cheating. Some people say it’s not cheating unless it’s penis-in-vagina sex. Others would say that showing any form of romantic interest in another person is cheating. I always tell couple that they need to discuss their boundaries openly. But at the same time, if you were to engage of any kind of sexual activity outside of your relationship the best possible place to do it is with a legal courtesan. That way you know you’re safe and you won’t be bringing home any diseases. You also know that the ladies are professional and will not be calling you the next day or causing problems with your significant other.



    The best thing is to follow the golden rule and treat others how you would like to be treated. How would you feel if your partner received cunnilingus from someone else or simply made out with another person while you are together. Cheating is going against the established or conventional rules. If sex outside of the relationship hasn’t already been established between partners, its safe to say that you would be cheating by conventional norms. Communication is key. Only you and your partner have the real answer to the question.

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