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    In general, personality is HUGE. I’m glad to see that, according to Ranch Mamma’s evidence, I’m not alone on that!

    If I were looking for a party where we’d only say a total of 2 sentences to each other, then I suppose looks would be the only factor…but I aim for a little more of an experience. I want to have some connection, and mental attraction, and what’s more, I want my partner to feel that too!
    That said, I doubt most guys would want to be with a troll with a good personality. So yeah, like Destini points out, it’s all about the total package. (I know, picky, right?!)


    Red Diamonds

    Hmmm, personality or breast and butt? I can honestly say I have all of the above so this will be an easy answer… My personality is the #1 reason why gentlemen choose me. My curvaceous body just happens to be a plus. When a man views you as attractive and you speak and it’s even more appealing, you are the total package!!

    Note- Being confident with your physical appearance attracts men, never feel inadequate because of what you feel you lack or have to much of. Let the personality shine through and your bodies will do the rest. 😉

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    Without pounding on the dead equine, how do you detect one’s personality in a lineup?



    I don’t like to pick from a lineup because all a client detects is the pretty package. The client has no idea if a romantic connection will be made. I prefer to meet a Courtesan in the bar to ensure that our personalities don’t clash. If a client picks from a lineup, they should spend a few minutes in the bar before adjourning to the Lady’s bedroom. Sheri’s Ranch is the only brothel in NYE County that isn’t an automatic lineup house; however, lineups are available upon request to the Hostess. Some clients are embarrassed walking into a brothel and immediately being subjected to a lineup of 25 gorgeous Courtesans anyway.


    Charina Lee

    Some great points and opinions here! Destini is right about attitude….Attitude does indeed, determine altitude!

Viewing 5 posts - 21 through 25 (of 25 total)

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