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    I have a question that may be kinda awkward but I’m okay with asking it. And others can see it in case it applies to them too.

    I’ve been ready to drive from California to Nevada to visit a brothel. Sheri’s is very likely for me. Last year, I had a blood test through my primary doctor that included testing for STD’s. The results are very healthy blood and no STD’s. I’m still a virgin but that can’t be proven so I’m willing to get another test if need be.

    I’ve had ingrown hairs on my inner thighs from a habit of fiddling with a razor and shaving while using the toilet(why my legs are sometimes partially shaven in patches LOL). I’ve read on the internet that people can tell the difference between ingrown hairs and other things like herpes and genital warts. But not a lot of Google search results for this relating to brothels and what to expect there.

    There is one remaining ingrown hair mark that I’m waiting and waiting to go away. I’ve dug into it a little to look for the hair but must have scraped it out. Couldn’t find it. I let it seal up but it’s still not cleared yet. I don’t want to dig into it again. I wouldn’t go to a brothel until it’s healed to the point of no scab or roughness or fragile surface. But there remains a dark mark that looks like what it is, an ingrown hair that’s been picked at but closed up.

    Can people at brothel’s tell it’s an ingrown hair? Or would I be turned away as a precaution?

    One more question. Has anyone been a questionable after a physical inspection, and actually stayed on site in a hotel or suite and gotten tested by the same person who tests the courtesans, offering to pay for it himself, got cleared, then was allowed to party? If need be, I’d consider that. How long would it take to get the results?

    I don’t expect there to be any fresh ingrown hair marks on me by the time I get to Nevada. But if so, I could come up with some kind of sleeves to wear that wrap around my upper legs up to where it meets the crease corner in the crotch area.




    The DC or dick check which is the STD exam given by a Courtesan determines whether or not a client passes. If one Courtesan doesn’t pass a client, a second Courtesan that the client has selected to party may give another DC. If the client fails to pass that DC, they can still have a non-sex party at the discretion of their Courtesan. The Courtesan’s DC is the sole determining factor of whether or not a client passes. A medical doctor is not available at the brothel and our Independent Contractor Courtesans probably won’t accept an unknown doctor’s written certification that a client is STD free. A doctor can’t compel a Courtesan to have sex with a client since it’s her body that’s at risk. Courtesans owe a duty to themselves and their clients to avoid any STD exposure. However, Sheri’s Ranch Courtesans are skilled at determining if a client is STD infected.

    There’s another relevant thread that deals with the client DC entitled “Embarrassing NOOB/ Newbie Question.”

    I’ve been plagued with a shaving rash occasionally and I was prescribed an antibiotic cream by my dermatologist which cleared it up very quickly.

    We hope you have a great time at Sheri’s Ranch.



    will paying higher price for a party intentionally facilitate passing a DC ?



    I am uncertain I understand you but if your intent is to bypass or faking the check, that is not going to happen, AFAIK.



    I mean suppose someone is paying a big amount for a long party then may be his DC will be less stringent.



    If Flint’s reply was to me, I’m not trying to bypass or fake anything. I would never attempt something like pay more money to sidestep something like a DC.

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