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    I have noticed some ladies who have face pics on the Ranch site tend to blur/hide faces on Twitter/social. Or they have no face pics on the Ranch site but will show on Twitter/social. I can understand “neither or both” but why a mix?



    Good question the ladies should be able to answer.



    I suppose having your face up on the actual site makes it completely “official”. If someone is trying to put two and two together from your face pic on social media I suppose the lady could claim its not her? I dunno….I have too many tattoos so the jig is up for me lol.



    Akira some are airbrushed out on certain photos.


    Amber Lynn

    @Rocky In my opinion is a discretionary things for us sexy gals, and what we are comfortable with! The website is very formal, while Twitter is a more playful platform to get to know us and our personalities better, and girls will flashes selfies from time to time as a result!

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    Angel Parr

    Every girl has different reasoning for not showing their faces and when they do. Some of the ladies will not show their faces even on the monitors in our bar, but are comfortable with posting their photos on twitter because they can set their privacy setting to where only the people they wish can see their photos. Whereas the world can see her photo on the website and she has no control over it. If you are curious about a girl in particulars reasoning, your best bet would be to ask her, as usually here everyone is different lol!

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