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    Sheris ranch is the place to be,
    Best ladies in the States easily,
    Warm and welcoming one and all,
    For the charms you will fall,
    So come on down and have a great time,
    Thank The Lord in pahrump sex isn’t a crime.



    BlueEyedMontana sexy and petite,
    Oh to kiss her from her head to her feet,
    A lovely lady of this you can be sure,
    Once you see her you will want more,
    Friendly and charming in every way,
    In her company you will long to stay.



    Red_Diamonds classy and sweet,
    Oh her kiss I’d like to meet,
    The face of an angel a body for sin,
    Her perfect looks just draw you in,
    Long flowing hair and curves so fine,
    This is a lady that is truly divine.



    Eva Morales so tasty and full of grace,
    To meet her would put a smile on your face,
    A lady so true, classy and smart,
    Truly a lady to melt your heart,
    Perfect figure and legs to make you go WOW,
    Damn you got me so horny I want you right NOW.



    Tiffany Hilton so young yet so fine,
    With her you’d have a great time,
    Smart and sexy but full of energy,
    She could happily do anything to me,
    Always smiling never a sad face,
    She is blessed with natural grace,
    Give her your time she is a blast,
    She will put a smile on your face forever to last.



    Amber Lynn curvy and sublime,
    Heavenly beauty oh she is so fine,
    Golden locks and eyes so blue,
    An angels smile to captivate you,
    Curves and bumps in all the right places,
    She can bring joy to everyone’s faces,
    Beauty and brains she has them all,
    Once you see her you will defiantly fall.



    Destini petite and so tasty,
    Your beauty can affect me,
    Your heavenly figure and smile so sweet,
    Every man should fall at your feet,
    Fun and classy rolled into one,
    Admiring you I’ve just begun,
    So many points are true about you,
    Mainly that your beauty is pure and true.



    Charinalee exotic and sexy as hell,
    Her magic charms will have you in a spell,
    Perfectly formed in a petite frame,
    On your mind will be engraved her name,
    An image of such natural desire,
    She will have your hormones on fire,
    Sexiness so natural and so true,
    Once you see her she will own you.



    Allissa so small and sexy,
    Her hazel eyes can hypnotise me,
    Five foot of pure sexiness,
    Love for her you will confess,
    A smile so tempting you won’t resist,
    Her tender lips so sweet to kiss.



    Olivia the cancer moon goddess,
    Has the body you want to undress,
    Eyes that sparkle and a smile that glows,
    Long golden locks a beauty that shows,
    Soft tender skin a figure so fine,
    A true beauty purely divine.



    Getting to know the ladies is a pleasure so true,
    All so fine, friendly, chatty and helpful to you,
    Montana, Tiffany, Red Diamonds, Olivia, Eva,
    Destini, Riley, Emma and Amber to name a few,
    There all special in their own way,
    Friends with them I’m honoured to say,
    Treat them with respect and treat them right,
    The ladies at sheris ranch are a heavenly delight.



    Kimmy D only 5’2 in height,
    But oh boy she is a delight,
    Hair of blonde eyes of blue,
    All night with her you’d happily do,

    Touching her skin feels like silk,
    Her sexy juices are the gods milk,
    A sexy booty and breasts that entice,
    Tender lips that kiss so nice,

    She might be small but what a dinemo,
    She will easily help your little friend grow,
    Looks so sweet and innocent in public,
    Get her alone and to your heart she will stick.

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    Amber Lynn

    I am flattered that you took the time to write such amazing poems to all of us sexy gals…I am flattered!

    I love it! You are fabulous! Look forward to seeing you soon!


    Kimmy D

    I love it! A beautiful showcase of these gorgeous ladies!



    Thank you for taking the time to write such sweet poetry about us ladies! I’m sure we can all agree that it is very flattering! I really appreciate it and definitely look forward to seeing you in the future! Xoxo



    The lovely ladies of Sheris ranch,
    Will make your heart sing and dance,
    All special in there own way,
    A bad word about any you’ll never say,

    Friendly and kind they all are,
    The most fantastic oh by far,
    All so different but all beautiful,
    Time with them can never be dull,

    Haven’t known them long,
    But my respect and affection is so strong,
    They are the best it is so true,
    Treat them right and they’ll be good to you.


    Amber Lynn

    U are too sweet! Couldn’t have said it better myself!



    Baby Doll with hazel eyes,
    Long slender legs perfect thighs,
    Alluring and hypnotic you so are,
    The finest booty by far,

    Long black hair sexy full lips,
    Silky chocolate skin and very yummy hips,
    Her favourite colours ivory and pink,
    But her hazel eyes oh I could sink,

    An amazing lady that is for sure,
    She is like a drug you can’t help but want more,
    Treat her right treat her well,
    She truly is sexy as hell.


    Jeremy Lemur

    “Thank The Lord in pahrump sex isn’t a crime.”

    Love ’em. Keep ’em comin’!



    Brittney Ryder may only be 4’11,
    But she has a body sent from heaven,
    Slender waist and a cute little bum,
    Smooth soft thighs for your tongue to run,

    Shapely breasts perfect toned skin,
    Beautiful brown eyes and a sexy grin,
    She is so perfect and divine to see,
    Sexiest little munchkin there can be,

    So follow the yellow brick road to sheris ranch,
    And let this angel from heaven give you a dance,
    Treat her with respect treat her right,
    She truly is a delectable delight.

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