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    I plan on going out there in September, and I plan on contacting one of the ladies in advance to talk about what I want and setup an appointment. I noticed that some of the ladies have schedules up for a few months in advance, so I was wondering how far ahead of time I should contact the lady to make sure I get what I want when I want it.

    I know this is way ahead of time to even be asking the question, but this whole experience will be a first for me in more ways than one, and I’m already getting anxious for it.

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    First, check out each lady’s profile, video (if available) and reviews. Then, pick a few that push your buttons and contact them via email. Be as specific as you can about what you want. Don’t be shy. They have heard it all. Then ask them about their schedules to see if there is a match. The girls usually know their schedules about 90 days in advance.



    George beat me to it. there is no too far ahead of time. I was planning party details with Montana several months ahead of time.



    Feel free to email is anytime! We may not know our schedule yet but it doesn’t hurt to ask!



    By asking early, there is a better chance of the lady you want to party with being at the Ranch.

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