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    Hey there!

    I am from the Midwest and have been going to the northern brothels (LRN, Mustang, Sagebrush, Bunnyranch) for quite some time but have not had the opportunity to venture south and check out the houses. That will change in May when I will be traveling there to take a tour of the southern brothels including your fine establishment (hoping to bump into Eva Morales among others).

    Anyway, had one question…are female condoms used at Sheri’s? I’ve used them at other brothels and prefer them greatly to male condoms. Looking forward to your response and meeting you fine ladies.




    I have not heard of their use at Sheri’s but that is a question for Ranchmama.



    Yes some of the ladies here use them. You should email the ladies you are interested in partying with and check with them.

    Personally, I don’t use them. They can be difficult to insert and it is easy for a client to slip them out of the way.



    Thank you,Emma. I can definitely respect/appreciate that each lady might have their own preferences. When I have used them, I do make a serious effort to be responsible and to use them properly. I will take your advice and contact a few of the ladies (or feel free to PM or email me). Thanks again! 🙂


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    Thanks Emma. I was unaware of that.


    Angel Parr

    Hey Skiluvr,
    I have personally used females condoms and I am very comfortable with them. All of our ladies are a bit different so not every lady will allow this however you just have to ask the lady you are interested in parting with, and if she isn’t comfortable with it we will find someone who is. I personally find them to be a much safer form of contraception compared to condoms because they don’t brake or slip off near as frequently as a typical condom can do which lets me more interested in enjoying our time then to be checking your rubber.



    Dear Angel,
    I’ve experienced female condoms and I prefer them over the traditional male condoms. 😉
    XO FF



    I have problems visualizing how the female condoms remain in place during sexual activities.


    Charina Lee



    Here’s some of the better information about female condoms. One is a video demonstration.
    I personally haven’t used one but will most likely experiment with them and some of my wonderful toy collections and see how things go! Then I will publish my findings.

    Anyone want to help? LOL.



    Thanks everyone for replying. My guess is that someday, female condoms will just be seen as mainstream as far as their use. In the meantime, there is apprehension about using them I think largely because of unfamiliarity. There is a lot of good information out there like the links that Charina provided. From most of what I’ve read, they are very safe and fun! But again, I do respect the rights of those who feel uncomfortable with using them. If you don’t feel comfortable with them then you are not going to enjoy the experience, right?

    So, I will take the advice from this thread and just ask when I am there. I’m sure I will find someone. Thanks again. Hope to see some of you in May.




    Charina Lee

    Dearest Skiluvr, I want to thank you for bringing up the subject. I pride myself in being very knowledgeable about sex of course, however, this is an area I just didn’t pay attention to. I’m going to experiment with these condoms. They’ve been around for a while.

    And perhaps…you will experiment with me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!lol.

    Take care and thanks again for bringing up the topic.





    Totally off-topic here but, when you said “I will take your advice and contact a few of the ladies (or feel free to PM or email me)”, the ladies are unable to PM you from this board. And unless you email us first, we don’t have an email address to contact you.

    I didn’t want you to feel as if we are being anti-social by not taking you up on the offer, we are just unable to.



    I have been reading this forum and have enjoyed it much. I look forward to a visit!
    But this mention of a female condom is completely new information to me and has been a total turn-on. I read the links from Charina, and have now read more on the web. These condoms sound great fun. I imagine helping my lady insert it; I imagine the look and feel of it for us both; I even imagine the crackly sound and feel of the first versions (on the web, it’s mentioned as a turn-off for some first users, and a turn-on in some Asian cultures). I’m very excited to learn of a new toy, a toy that makes sex more safe, too!
    Thanks Sheri’s Forum!

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