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    If you know someone and you’d like to come visit them and spend sometime with that girl, is that looked down upon or is there some kind of clause in there somewhere with you knowing one of the girls? I’m just asking because I’d like to come see her and spend sometime, I don’t think she’d have a problem with it, but I’m asking in advance.



    If you know someone from a previous introduction, you may contact her as long as you’re not a stalker or under a restraining order, lol! I recommend that you click on the Courtesan’s thumbnail photo which will direct you to her Official Page where you may send her a private message indicating your intentions. She will reply to your message as soon as possible, but Courtesans can only access their Sheri’s messages while physically at the Ranch.

    Clients are allowed a reasonable amount of pre-party time with Courtesans but if the house is busy the 10 minute rule will be implemented. This is to allow clients sufficient time to decide if they wish to negotiate with a Lady for a party. Otherwise, a client could monopolize a Lady’s time preventing her from conducting business. You may spend additional time with your old friend but it must be done in the form of a party.

    All sex parties are conducted at Sheri’s Ranch only and there are no outdates available. Also, it is against the Sheri’s Courtesan agreement for a client to meet a currently contracted Lady away from Sheri’s Ranch for sex.

    Current Weekly Lineup: http://www.sherisranch.com/lineup.aspx
    Scheduled Ladies Coming Soon: http://www.sherisranch.com/comingsoon.aspx



    You could always request us to stay longer than the 10 minute rule as long as you inform the hostess



    Spending time with your friends does not have to entail “partying” but obviously that is how we are able to maintain our lives in the real world. So, if you decide to come and hang out and visit with a lady, just remember…if she has to step away to conduct business if you are Not going to party, she isn’t being mean or disrespectful of your friendship; she just has to work.

    We encourage people to come into the bar and socialize with us ladies…we have our ways of often enticing you to do more!



    Ranch rules: for the girls (just asked my boss) are personal friends or family are discouraged from coming to our place of business.

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    Inquiring minds (my boss) want to know are you coming to bang it out with her?

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