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    I’m going in late October. I’ll probably go there in the afternoon or at night (9:00-12:00).

    How many other guys should I expect to be there? Is it ever crowded?

    Am I expected to give a tip? How much is expected?



    Are you asking about other guys not to run into them or because they may select a aldy that you would?
    The ladies are all independent contractors and have their own rates. Some of the FAQs may answer some of your questions. Do not be embarrassed to ask more questions as you think about them.



    Hi Rick, def check the FAQ. It could be crowed depending on what’s going on but we can always find room for you! The ladies have two shifts so there will for sure be some in the bar and you can always ask the hostess to speak to more. Not sure who you are asking to tip but it’s gracious to tip your bartenders, your lady and/or tour guide, and you can tip the house which is split among all of the back of house including cooks, hostess, shift manager, maintenance, housekeeping, and security. If you happen to take limo of course them as well. I hope you enjoy your time in October and feel free to ask more questions or message me.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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