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    Hello all!

    I am looking to visit Sheri’s at the end of this month provided that my brief vacation will allow some time for it. As it would be my first time at a brothel, I have been searching through the forums finding most of the answers to my questions. However there are a few rather random questions that I have, that I would like to find answers to, if possible, so that I may feel more prepared.

    1. Grooming/Manscaping – Both the downstairs and up. What is preferred by the ladies of the brothel?

    2. Dress Code – Is there a dress code in the bar area or the building itself? Is it a place where you go in jeans or is some dressing up preferred?

    3. Messaging – Where I’m still unsure if my time will allow for a visit, should I skip messaging the ladies that I am interested in meeting and just wait to meet them in the bar area?

    4. Request to meet – If there is a lady that I’ve seen on the website and would like to get to know, do I have to wait till I see her in the bar or can I request to meet specific ladies?

    I know I’ll have more questions later but those will be a good start for me. Also, forgive me if this is inappropriate or looked down on, but one of the ladies on the site that has piqued my interest, I can’t find much information on. Callie has no reviews on her profile page, her cater to list isn’t filled out and I can’t find people talking about her on the forum. I’m assuming she is new but I was wondering if anyone has spent time with her and what their overall impressions were.

    Thanks for any advice or input.


    Red Diamonds

    Hi DaBeard,
    1) I always prefer little to no hair downstairs and your face just needs to be trimmed.
    2) You can dress however you wish, I do like a man dressing up (makes me feel special). 😉
    3) You can message a lady to let her know you are coming or surprise her in the bar (can’t promise availability if you choose to surprise).
    4) Please request to meet whom you have interest in meeting, it’s preferred.


    Kellie Love


    Thank you for such good questions! I’m sure you aren’t the only guy out there wondering…

    1) Every lady is different regarding your hygiene. I can definitely agree with Red about little to no hair downstairs. It makes for a more sanitary, and pleasure filled experience for us both. Keep your face, and the rest of your body, groomed neatly.

    2) There is no dress code for gentlemen. I would recommend you dressing as if you are going a blind date, erring on the side of business casual. We ladies don’t have a dress code, but you wouldn’t want us looking like we had not showered in days or changed clothes in a week!

    3) I prefer a message as it allows us to effectively communicate a day and time. When you show up in the bar, it is always a gamble. Check the scheduled ladies page, call the office, book an appointment, or reach out via email to ensure you get the lady of your first choice.

    4) As stated in question 3, you can make a request aka an appointment.

    Regarding Callie, send her a message and get to know her personally! She won’t be able to reply until her scheduled dates, as we ladies only have access to this email while at the Ranch. You can always ask a member of the staff about her too.

    Best of luck to you!


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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