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    I was discussing brothels with a friend of mine. The guy is very religiony. There isn’t anything wrong with believing in things. God or no god. Whatever floats your boat.

    But I said “Hey man, let’s checkout the ranch. Those ladies seem kinda hot.”

    He goes off on this weird self righteous rant about how God is watching us and that lust is wrong, the women are being objectified, blah, blah, blah.

    I says “Well, that’s how babies are born. We’re all objectifying each other. Women won’t sleep with slobs. They meet up with desirable guys. If people didn’t want each others bodies, we’d have sex with lamp posts and garbage cans.”

    I said “I think love can exist and meeting someone special can happen but I don’t see anything wrong with having a good time either. You’re not hurting anyone.”

    So my friend starts quoting the bible. “The bible says this, bible says that.”

    He actually told me I was going to hell. This is a grown man telling me this.

    Has anybody ever had a religious conversation like that? Especially about brothels?

    I used to think brothels were bad. But I think sex can be a beautiful thing, I don’t see anything wrong with doing it purely for enjoyment. Or am I just a shallow bastard?

    What do the ladies think? Are you being held against your will or are you really okay with your work?

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    Some of the girls there actually practice religion themselves, which would probably seem controversial and hypocritical to your friend. The way I look at it, is that prostitution is love, pleasure and fun made easy; and what is really so wrong about that? Many good willed men participate on this forum and I have yet to met a courtesan who shows contempt for her work. I can’t speak for the ladies in response to your last question, but I am assured the answer is that they enjoy their work in which they get many opportunities to do a lot of good in the world and at other times simply get to be paid to have fun. In my opinion, there is much more honesty in prostitution than there is in many other types of relationships and professions so I don’t see it as demoralizing.

    As far as the objectifying part, I agree with you. At times people objectify people – women do it, too. But it doesn’t mean that we don’t see the value of the other sex in other situations, nor that we would be nonchalant to any harm that comes to another human being – even one we objectify from time to time. There is a time and a place to appropriately objectify people. In this case, Sheri’s Brothel is the place, your party is the time, and the lady’s consent and agreement to the activities to take place is the respect you must have for the person behind your objectivity.


    Kellie Love


    I am so happy I came across this post. I can definitely relate to both your perspective and your friend’s perspective. I come from a religious family, was raised in the Church, and am still, very active in my religious community. When I was a minor, inexperienced in pleasures of the flesh, the idea that people had sex was nasty, sinful, and wrong; until I experienced it. Growing up and experiencing new things are both important parts of the maturation process, both in an earthly sense, and a spiritual sense. Your friend is indeed correct about certain points. But, The Bible, along with any text, is subject to interpretation. Religion is the cause of most conflicts in the history of humanity, and will continue to be, endless we all stop imposing our beliefs on other people. He who is without sin may cast the first stone…We are all sinners, so anyone who says ” You are going to hell because…” is doing God’s job; and that is to judge. We are here on this Earth to leave it better than we left it, to spread love, and live in peace with all people, no matter who they are, or what their beliefs are.

    Regarding your perspective, you are not a shallow bastard. Marriage, as defined by the church, is an institution created to keep 1 man and 1 woman together. This works out for some people. What about same sex couples? What about inter racial couples? Both groups have been, and still are discriminated against. Any institution that discriminates is not one that I want any part of. Being that the church has changed its rules and regulation so many times over the past hundred years, it is up to us, as educated free thinking people, to form our own opinions and live our lives how we see fit. God and religion does play into that, but we all have free will. I am here working at Sheri’s because I CHOOSE to be here. I am overly qualified to be in the professional world, yet the demands of a traditional job do not match the expected pay. As a single young woman, I enjoy my time not only as a courtesan, but a therapist, counselor, friend, and romantic partner. I can fulfill needs I can not in the traditional world; an vice versa for the client. Without this job, I would be going from man to man, or relationship to relationship, searching for something through a means which will lead me to no answers.

    In a nutshell, religion is to be for you, not imposed on others. I am here at Sheri’s because I choose to, and it is a privilege.

    I hope that my lengthy answer was sufficient in helping your understanding of these things. Feel free to ask any additional questions. Share my comment with your friend, and hopefully, he too will have an enlightened understanding.





    This is an interesting topic. I encountered a very simular situation, recently.

    Background, I was sexually abused as a child, through my middle school years, on into the high school. It messed me up. Sexual abuse is not a hallmark card, I can promise you. There’s no cherry on the top, there’s no magical happy ending to it. Coupled with the bullying by my peers, bullied by girls, I suffered, my childhood sucked basically. It was a very confusing time in my life. I never delt with it, along with some other things just festered, so I’ve been thinking of changing the way I feel as I am today. Repressed memories are real. I buried this until recently.

    Yikes. I hope people don’t think I am over sharing. (ducks)


    I expressed my sexual desire, the idea of moving past my sexual abuse, and plenty of my family knows this. One female person in my life said, well, you shouldn’t desire these things, if a wife doesn’t come along, then one doesn’t come along. You just need to look to Jesus as your role model and he’ll fullfil your life. This person made me angry because I felt like I was being held to this impossibly high standard, when you really think of who Jesus was, like come on, he got up on a cross and suffered for sinners (then, I think particularly when other people in our lives are off having pre-martial sex, does she go off and lecture them, doesn’t seem like it). As a sexual abuse victim, I’m not some symbol, you know? Why can’t someone else be Jesus? haha And what if I don’t desire marriage? What if I don’t desire even a relationship? But desire to move past what was done to me? See what I’m getting at. Her lack of understanding towards my feelings just made me angry.

    And yes, I have been considering coming to this brothel. I am a newbie, first time poster, long time lucker. *waves*

    For the record, I do believe Jesus died for our sins. I don’t take his act lightly and I try live my life as being a decent person, the golden rule, all that jazz.



    KandyAndy and Kellie have written good answers. AnxiousAnxiety, I agree with them that the religious rules that sex has to be just one thing are shallow and wrong. Many of the women here say that what they do is sometimes like couseling, helping men and women get over some of their bad experiences. I can’t be sure a brothel experience would be the first, best thing for you, but you definitely deserve to talk a lot with non judgemental (probably not fundamentalist religious) people about your history. Everyone deserves to enjoy their life, with sex included!



    Oh, don’t worry Will7, what I write about is not a static place for me, when I say recently, I suppose that could mean a lot of things to a lot of people. It is not where I am today, for the record, its more I want to experience new things without strings attached. And surfing this forum and reading people’s experiences and fantasies is pretty fun way for me to put my foot in the pool, so to speak.

    I’ve actually have gotten that none judgmental person, Will7, don’t worry. I had to take a step back from certain people in my life because a lot of people are quick to try to define you in many different ways.

    The big lesson is you can never allow anyone or anything to define you in a way you don’t want to be defined.

    I can only speak to belief in Christ…

    … personal autonomy is certainly possible in a Christian or religious context. Looking to something greater than yourself matters a lot to people. Religion in its best concept, it offers you salvation, it offers your not only standards to live your life by, but purpose. It gets mucked up when witnessing becomes more along the lines of guilt or fear with a heavy helping of repression. That’s not really what Jesus preached, he got on his knees and cleaned his hangeroners feet. Think about that. Really think about how dirty their feet must of have been.

    Anyway, not everything in the Bible is to be take as gospel. Ooo… that’s a bit radical for some people, but its my opinion.

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